Destiny: The Dawning – Here’s How To Get Free Exclusive Items Daily

Destiny’s “The Dawning” holiday event is here, and there’s plenty of presents to enjoy for good little Guardians. By completing a specific quest, you can unlock exclusive The Dawning items specific for the season. All of these gifts are worth checking out, so be sure to stop in and get your presents with our list of free rewards. They’re all exclusive, and awesome, and you’ll only have one day to get each item.

The holiday season brings all sorts of new exclusive events — Destiny gets The Dawning — and there’s more than just daily rewards to collect in December. The celebrations include a new Sparrow racing league, scoring for Strikes, new missions, new weapons, new gear, and new Sparrows. Basically, tons of stuff to explore! It’s a good time to check in with Destiny to grab all the rewards you can get your hands on.

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The Dawning: How to Get Free Items

[Note: The Dawning Event is only available if you own the Rise of Iron expansion.]

The Dawning includes loads of new items, including new armor sets for each class. It also includes a new quest where you’ll need to deliver gifts — make all your deliveries, and you’ll unlock an exclusive item. There’s a new item daily during The Dawning, so you’ll have to drop in every single day to get all the items available.

  • The Dawning: Daily Reward Items 
    • Snow Globe Helmet – Consumable [12/13]
    • More coming soon!


The Snow Globe helmet isn’t actually a “helmet” — when used, the snow globe appears over your regular equipped armor, making it look like your head is inside a futuristic snow glove… or a fish tank. Whatever you prefer.

  • How to Get Free Exclusive Items:
    • Talk to Eva (Quest Giver) in the west wing of The Tower. Accept her quest, “In the Presents of Friends”.
    • Collect the gifts at the Iron Banner Gate.
    • Give all the gifts to the rightful recipients.
    • Return to Eva to acquire your daily present!

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