Destiny: The Dawning – Upgrade Your Ride With These Secret Sparrows

The Dawning isn’t just about gifts — it’s also about competing with friends. To that end, Destiny has reintroduced the Sparrow Racing League, allowing Guardians to fight-it-out without firing a single gun in anger.

That makes now the best time to upgrade your Sparrow for the racing season. Not only are there more Sparrows, but there are hidden Sparrows to find too. Check out the guides below to find special, exclusive, or secret Sparrows available during The Dawning live event.

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Upgrade Your Ride With These Secret Sparrows

There are many Sparrows to purchase, unlock, or randomly drop while playing through the new content available in The Dawning’s seasonal events. Here, we’re going to focus on those special Sparrows you can find through special missions or by completing hidden quests.

Whatever the case, check out a handful of Sparrows available in the gallery below — when you’re ready, continue scrolling to find all the specific guides for each special Sparrow.


Lysander’s Cry – Secret Sparrow

To get this special Sparrow, you’ll need to get a unique item to open a hidden present in the Tower’s East Wing. Under the shipyard steps, you’ll find a secretive box that reads “For One That Stood at Bannerfall” — interacting does nothing.


  • How to Get the Lysander’s Cry Sparrow:
    1. Go to the Crucible and create a Private Match.
      • Select the “Bannerfall” map.
    2. Collect the hidden Dead Ghost Collectible.
      • Find it in one of the ground floor work rooms near the Rifts, just before the bridge to the spawn. The Dead Ghost is hidden behind a metal shelf that’s next to a cage jutting from the wall in the darkened room. You should be able to see the glow of the ghost.
    3. Return to the Tower and enter the door on the right to the Hangar. Go to the stairs leading down.
    4. Underneath the stairs, there is an empty alcove. Enter this alcove and look on the crates to the left for a festive present.
    5. The present should read “Lysander’s Gift” — collect it to get your very special Sparrow!

The bright neon green Sparrow has a decent set of stats. If you’re eager to dive into the Sparrow Racing League, this is a good place to start.

S-41 Poison Apple – Quest Sparrow

This fancy Sparrow is only available as a quest reward during The Dawning live event. Here’s what you’ll need to do.


  • How to Get the S-41 Poison Apple Sparrow:
    1. Start by talking to Amanda Holiday in the Tower Hangar and start her Dawning quest — Speed Kills.
    2. Step #1:
      • For the first part, you’ll need to kill Fallen and Devil Splicers in the Plaguelands.
    3. Step #2:
      • Defeat Champions in the Challenge of the Elders
    4. Step #3:
      1. Complete “Fear’s Embrace” and “Outbound Signal” before the timer runs out.
    5. Return to Amanda Holloway in the Tower to get your Sparrow reward.

That’s all it takes — more time consuming than the secret Lysander’s Cry, but easier for most players to discover their first time through. Make sure you complete everything before the live event is over.

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