Pokemon Sun & Moon: Get Rewards for the First (Failed!) Global Mission

Let’s face facts — the first ever Global Mission in Pokemon Sun and Moon was a huge failure. That doesn’t mean we won’t get prizes for participating. If you took part in the first ever Global Mission and captured even a handful of Pokemon, you’re entitled to a reward.

Note: You’ll get more rewards for registering to Global Link. Create an account here and get the code from your copy of Sun / Moon to register.

The first Sun and Moon Global Mission challenged players worldwide to capture 100,000,000 Pokemon. That’s one-hundred million. In the end, registered online players managed a grand total of 16,423,231 Pokemon. That’s only 16% of the total goal completed. We’re going to blame this whole thing on the global link — there are more than enough Pokemon Sun and Moon players to easily catch 100,000,000 — but getting all those players online and registered and using Festival Plaza isn’t such a simple proposition.

How to Get Free FC | Failed Global Mission Bonus

If you did (or didn’t) participate in this Global Mission, here’s a quick primer to show you how to join any future Global Missions:

  • How to Participate in Global Missions:
    • Go to Festival Plaza from the Rotom Pokedex
    • Enter the central castle.
      • Talk to the Hula Dancer at the desk to the right.
    • She will ask you if you’d like to participate in Global Missions.
      • If you agree, you’ll save the game and connect to the internet.
    • You don’t need to register to the Global Link website, but if you do you’ll get increased FC rewards.

Those are all the basic steps. After selecting a Global Mission, you’ll get a card showing how long the current Global Mission will last, and what your objective is. A Global Mission requires the whole world to work together, and everyone with Pokemon Sun / Moon participates to reach the total objective.

Even if you fail, if you participated, there is a reward ready to collect.

  • How To Get Your (Failed!) Global Mission Reward:
    • Talk to the Global Mission NPC (Hula Dancer) in the Festival Plaza castle.
    • You’ll connect to the internet and the Global Mission info will update.
    • Select “Catch a lot of Pokemon!” — you’ll find your reward here.
      • 100 FC is rewarded to everyone for participating.
      • 200 FC if rewarded if you are registered to the Global Link website.

The second Global Mission has been announced already — the new mission is all about using Island Scan, so get those QR Codes ready. It will run until 12/27/16.

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