Pokemon Sun & Moon: Every Mystery Gift & Event | Free Pokemon List


Don’t miss out on Mystery Gifts and other official giveaway events with our constantly-updating list of free Pokemon for Sun / Moon. Here we’ll provide details for every available Pokemon and how to unlock them in-game. All you need is an internet connection on your 3DS. It’s really simple, and who doesn’t love getting free Pokemon?

Sometimes these Pokemon are event-only exclusives that aren’t available anywhere else. The mythical Magearna is only available through a QR Code event — sometimes items are only available through special events too. Munchlax can be carried over from previous Pokemon adventures, but Snorlium-Z (Snorlax’s unique Z-Crystal) can only be collected through the Mystery Gift service.

It sounds complicated, but we’ll break things down and make it easy. Keep scrolling to find every free Pokemon available so far!

Mystery Gifts, QR Codes & Special Events

[Updated 12/9 – Added Magearna & Munchlax.]

Free and exclusive bonuses can be earned through the Mystery Gift system, scanning special QR Codes, or during special events. Serial Code distribution events to unlock Pokemon are also common. There are many ways to get free Pokemon — and many Pokemon to collect using the various built-in delivery systems in Sun / Moon.

Complete List of Free Pokemon – Availability

This is a list of all free Pokemon, and the service required to unlock them. Find more details on how to use these services and how to collect your Pokemon below.

  • Magearna [QR Code Event]
  • Munchlax [Mystery Gift]

More coming in the near future.

How to Get Magearna


Requirement: You must defeat the Elite 4 / become Alolan Champion before Magearna can be collected.

To unlock the Mythical Magearna Pokemon, scan this QR Code.


After scanning the code, travel to Hau’oli City Mall and talk to the delivery man in front of the Antiquities of the Ages shop on the second floor. Leave a spot open in your party to collect Magearna.

  • How to Scan QR Codes:
    1. Open the Rotom Pokedex Menu
    2. Select QR Codes
    3. When the camera turns on, press [R] while pointing at the QR Code.
    4. It will begin to scan. If successful, you’ll get a message.


How to Get Munchlax (And Snorlium-Z)

Munchlax is the first form of Snorlax, and comes with a Snorlium-Z Crystal that will transform one of Snorlax’s special attacks into a devastating Z-Move. Collecting the Munchlax Mystery Gift is the only way to acquire Snorlium-Z.

To acquire Munchlax (and Snorlium-Z), use the Mystery Gift feature in the Main Menu before loading your game.


After gaining your Munchlax, collect him / her by talking to a delivery man in any Pokemon Center. He is standing right next to the center, and you’ll need an open party slot to add the Mystery Gift Pokemon.

  • How to Use Mystery Gift:
    1. Select Mystery Gift under your profile past the title screen.
    2. Select ‘Get Via Internet’
    3. Agree to connect to the internet on your 3DS.
    4. After a short amount of time, you’ll receive a Wonder Card. Select to redeem the card and a delivery man will appear in any Pokemon Center to deliver your Mystery Gift.
      • You can only save up to 48 Wonder Cards.
      • Wonder Cards can also be unlocked by entering Serial Codes or through the Sun / Moon demo.


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