Evolve Dev Turtle Rock Is Working on New Co-Op FPS For 2018

Evolve and Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock has announced that it is working on a new co-op FPS franchise that it plans to release some time in 2018.

Speaking to website Gamesindustry.biz, Phil Robb, Turtle Rock Studios co-founder, said, “We are developing a new franchise set in an all new universe that leverages the style of gameplay our community loves and expects from Turtle Rock Studios. We’re focusing on what we do best – heart-pounding moment-to-moment online co-op FPS action.”

Steve Goldstein, Turtle Rock president and GM, says the game has a “strong dark fantasy element to it. and, “What we can say is that we are definitely going back to our moment-to-moment gameplay roots with a huge focus on co-op FPS.” The new IP is also being built on Unreal Engine.

Turtle Rock has partnered with free-to-play publisher Perfect World Entertainment, and believes that service-based titles that grow with and react to users is the best path to take for Turtle Rock and the products it produces. Neither Robb nor Goldstein specificially mentioned these tenets in connection to the 2018 game, but the article states that Turtle Rock does not believe it can exist by making relatively “static” $60 off-the-shelf games.

The full interview with Games Industry provides more insight into the path that Turtle Rock is taking with its products and their company.