Pokemon GO: How to Hatch Gen 2 Baby Pokemon | Egg-Exclusives Guide

Pokemon GO is rolling out a select number of Silver and Gold critters into the app’s ecology, but you won’t find these Gen 2 Pokemon wandering around your neighborhood. Instead, new Pokemon can only be found in eggs. There’s a reason for that — from Pichu, to Togepi, to Igglypuff and Cleffa — all the recently revealed Pokemon currently rolling out are ‘Baby’ versions of popular picks. Pichu becomes Pikachu, Igglypuff becomes Jigglypuff, and so on.

To get these adorable little critters, you’re going to need eggs. All those pre-update eggs you’ve got won’t work either. Only post-12/12/16 eggs will work. Below, we’ll cover every aspect of these (still mysterious) Pokemon, and reveal which Pokemon are confirmed, how to get new eggs, and how many steps you’ll need to take to start hatching a plethora of new Poke-pals.

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How to Hatch Gen 2 Baby Pokemon

[Note: Not all the Pokemon listed below are confirmed. More unannounced Pokemon may be added in the very near future. We’ll update this article with any new information.]

The Pokemon GO update adds Gen 2 ‘Baby’ Pokemon to the mix. While Niantic has only confirmed Pichu and Togepi, they’ve teased that even more Pokemon are on the way. Dedicated fans have already dug up some of these additional Pokemon — check out the gallery and list below to see all the new additions.


  • All Pokemon GO Gen 2 New Additions:
    • Pichu (Evolves into Pikachu)
    • Togepi (Evolves into Togetic -> Togekiss)
    • Igglypuff (Evolves into Jigglypuff)
    • Cleffa (Evolves into Clefairy)
    • Elekid (Evolves into Electrabuzz)
    • Magby (Evolves into Magmar)
    • Smoochum (Evolves into Jynx)
    • Tyrogue (Evolves into Hitmonlee / Hitmonchan / Hitmontop)

It’s worth noting that the next stage of evolutions do not yet exist in Pokemon Go for Togepi (Togetic / Togekiss have not yet been added) — and one of Tyrogue’s evolutions, Hitmontop, also is not yet in Pokemon GO.

To get one of the new ‘Baby’ Pokemon from Gen 2 (Silver and Gold), you’ll first need to find and hatch an egg. If you’re new to the series, let’s go over a quick Primer on how eggs work.

How to Find (And Hatch Eggs)

Note: Only eggs found AFTER the 12/12/16 Update will hatch into new Gen 2 Silver/Gold baby Pokemon.

  • How To Find Eggs:
    • Locate a PokeStop — these are special locations where Trainers can collect free Pokeballs, Potions, and Eggs. PokeStops can be used multiple times a day, and reset after a short amount of time.
    • PokeStops are represented by blue squares on your map.
    • Get close to a PokeStop and spin the Photo Disc to get your rewards. These are random.
    • To see what items you got from a PokeStop, touch the Main Menu button and then touch the Items button to see what’s been added to your inventory.

PokeStops are the only way to get Eggs, so visit these locations often to get plenty of eggs — the more eggs you find, the better your chances of hatching an Egg-Exclusive Pokemon.

The new Gen 2 babies can only be hatched in eggs. They will not appear as wild Pokemon. That makes these Pokemon the only egg-exclusives currently in Pokemon GO.

Once you get some eggs, here’s how to hatch them:

  • How to Hatch Eggs:
    • Go to the Pokemon menu.
    • Touch the word Eggs to see all of your available eggs.
    • Place an Egg in the Incubator by touching an egg and selecting “Start Incubation”
      • Select the Incubator you want to place the egg inside.
    • Now that the egg is incubating, you can begin walking to hatch the egg.
      • Each egg has a number of kilometers displayed. You must walk that amount of kilometers to hatch the egg.

It takes plenty of walking to hatch an egg, but if you’re looking to see which Pokemon you want to hatch, each new Gen 2 has a fixed distance. You can get a better idea of what’s inside your egg — just see the distance for each baby Pokemon below.

  • Egg Incubation Requirements – Distance Walked:
    • Pichu — 5k Egg
    • Togepi — 5k Egg
    • Igglypuff — 2k Egg
    • Cleffa — 2k Egg
    • Elekid — 10k Egg
    • Magby — 10k Egg
    • Smoochum — 10k Egg
    • Tyrogue — N/A, Not Yet Released

All distance requirements have been confirmed thanks to this handy chart by Redditor andismith.