Pokemon GO: Where to Find (And Catch) Pokemon | Spawn Locations


Pokemon GO brings the pocket-sized monsters into the real-world, taking trainers across the globe outside to explore and search their local neighborhoods for Pokemon.

To fit the main series, the app developer Niantic changed the rules a little bit — rather than placing Pokemon on certain routes, now you’ll find that Pokemon spawn in generalized locales. Certain Pokemon are totally exclusive to specific regions, while others spawn seemingly at random around the global. Learn more about Pokemon spawn locations and where / when to find types below.

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Where to Find (And Catch) Pokemon | Spawn Locations

Any number of factors goes into the placement and rarity of Pokemon. We don’t know the specifics, but the community has bound together to figure out some general rules that dictate where and when you’ll see your favorite type of Pokemon in GO.

Just remember, this is a Work-In-Progress — the developers will change these factors endlessly in the coming weeks, months, and years. Pokemon GO is a huge game with plenty of room to grow in the future. Stick with us as we try to keep up with any updates and help prospective trainers catch ’em all.

Pokemon Types – Where and How They Appear

Note: These are COMMON locations for certain types of Pokemon. All types can appear in a variety of different places in your area, but these locations / conditions are where certain types will commonly appear. 

Region Exclusives:

  • North America
    • Exclusive Pokemon: Tauros
  • Europe
    • Exclusive Pokemon: Mr. Mime
  • Asia
    • Exclusive Pokemon: Farfetch’d
  • Australia
    • Exclusive Pokemon: Kangashkan

Fire Type Locations:

  • More likely to be found in deserts or arid climates.
  • Fire types are very likely to spawn just about anywhere, but anecdotal evidence suggests they are more common in the southwest / southeast United States, or other warm regions.

Water Type Locations:

  • Near rivers or large bodies of water.
  • Magikarp and other specifically underwater water types are almost exclusively found near water.
  • Water type is much less likely to spawn in arid or dry biomes. The inverse of fire types.

Grass Type Locations:

  • Found in plains, grassy fields, or other temperate areas of the globe.
  • Rarely found in deserts or very urban areas.

Normal / Bug / Flying Type Locations:

  • Pidgey, Rattata, and Weedle are some of the most common Pokemon and appear everywhere. In urban areas, forests, grassy clearings, or in your room.

Ground / Rock Type Locations:

  • Like Fire Types, ground or rock types can spawn just about anywhere, but seem to be much more likely in desert regions.

Work-In-Progress: Check back for more confirmed locations, and drop us a comment if you’ve found more common spots for more types.

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