Pokemon GO: Easy Ways to Earn XP and Level Up Fast


Everyone loves to level up, and hungry Pokemon GO players have already devised some sneaky tactics to earn XP the quickest way possible. Here you’ll find all the tips the internet has to offer related to gaining XP and leveling up. You won’t find much advice when it comes to increasing CP here — this is all about XP and those global trainer levels.

So what’s the point of leveling up? The higher your level, the better items you’ll receive from Pokestops — instead of Pokeballs and Revives, you might start earning Great Balls and Max Revives. You’ll start finding higher CP Pokemon in the wild too, and it’s always best to keep the Pokemon that start with a higher CP instead of using all your candy and Stardust to increase their Combat Points. Basically, if you want to stay competitive, it’s a good idea to earn lots of XP.

How to Earn XP Super Fast

The best way to earn XP? Let’s cover the basic strategy right now and save the details for later.

Before you get started, remember to capture every Pokemon you see. You’ll want to grab as many as possible, and don’t waste Candy or Stardust on upgrading a Pokemon’s CP — save it for evolutions. Capturing Pokemon will also net you 100 XP per catch, so grab every type of easy-to-grab Pokemon you see.

Best Method for XP Farming:

  • Evolving a Pokemon nets you an instant 500 XP bonus.
  • Lucky Eggs gives you a double XP buff that lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Evolving a Pokemon with the Lucky Egg double XP earns you 1000 XP per evolution.

Pidgey is an extremely common form of Pokemon that are found just about anywhere on the planet. They’re also very easy to evolve. By capturing duplicates and Transferring your extra Pidgeys you’ll earn “Pidgey Candy” which can evolve a Pidgey. Here’s our strategy for gaining tons of XP very quickly.

How Lure Modules and Incense Make XP Farming Easier:

  • Speed up the capture process with Incense and Lure Modules. Incense can be found in Pokestops or purchased in Shops — both increase the chances of finding Wild Pokemon for 30 minutes.
    • Lure Modules are used at Pokestops. See a pink animated circle around the Pokestop? A friendly trainer has activated a Lure Module. Stick around to get more frequent Pokemon captures.

Step-By-Step: The Pidgey Evolution XP Method

NOTE: We used Pidgeys, but this basic strategy can work for just about any Pokemon you have plenty of. Just swap ‘Pidgey’ for your Pokemon of choice.

  1. Catch lots of Pidgeys and gain a stockpile of 120 Pidgey Candies. Transferring a Pidgey gives 3 Candies — you’ll need about 4 Pidgets to earn enough Candies for one evolution.
    • Pidgey only requires about 12 Candies to evolve.
  2. Once you have a Stockpile of Candies, purchase (or collect) a Lucky Egg. Use it! You not have 30 minutes to gain tons of XP.
  3. Start evolving your extra Pidgeys. You’ll earn 1,000 XP per evolution — if you evolve 10 times, that’s an easy 10,000 XP. That’s more than enough to earn multiple levels.

Of course, evolving isn’t the only way to earn XP. Before we continue, here’s a strategy¬†you can use to earn enough coins early to purchase Lucky Eggs from the Shop for free.

How to Earn Gold Coins:

  • Find or capture Gyms the same color as you. Try capturing gyms early in the morning or late in the day when nobody is around to defend them. Place up to 10 Pokemon in an allied gym — defending Pokemon earn 10 Coins every 20 hours.
    • Claim your Gym reward at the Shop. Tap the Shield icon in the upper right corner. You’ll also get extra Stardust (along with coins) for your trouble.

Use those coins to purchase extra Incubators or Lucky Eggs. Incubators will also help you earn XP — hatching Pokemon Eggs also gives a larger Candies bonus.

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