Pokemon Go is Available Now (In Australia)

PokemonGoFeaturedThe long anticipated augmented reality title for smartphones is now released. Pokemon Go was announced back in September 2015, and marks one of Nintendo’s biggest steps into mobile platforms yet. This free-to-play application uses real world maps as a backdrop for creating a Pokemon world where users can battle, collect, and train the Pokemon they capture. The Pokemon Go Plus device is available for $34.99 and provides numerous enhancements to the experience, connecting to your phone via bluetooth.

Although the release of the game hasn’t come without it’s speedbumps. The battery draining problem is a known issue, according to the FAQ on the website. “Some devices may experience battery drain while playing Pokémon GO for prolonged periods of time. We are working on a solution,” it says. This is to be expected from the title itself, as Pokemon Go uses numerous smartphone features together at the same time.

PokemonGOPolice(Above photo courtesy of @Tabrakadabra on Twitter) The Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services Facebook Page gave an additional notice to players.

For those budding Pokemon Trainers out there using Pokemon Go – whilst the Darwin Police Station may feature as a Pokestop, please be advised that you don’t actually have to step inside in order to gain the pokeballs.

It’s also a good idea to look up, away from your phone and both ways before crossing the street. That Sandshrew isn’t going anywhere fast.

Stay safe and catch ’em all!

For all the latest Pokemon Go updates, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.