Pokemon Go to get Trading, Leaderboards

PokemonGoTradingHeaderThe Pokemon Go mobile app has jumped to the top of the iOS App Store, and caused Nintendo’s stock to jump by a noticeable amount. So what’s next?

Talking to Business Insider, Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke spoke of future plans for Pokemon Go. The biggest priority of that was the ability to trade your Pokemon with other players. “It’s kind of a core element,” according to him.

Beyond that, there are plans to expand what can be done at Pokestops and Gyms. The former is a place where players can gain items and experience, while the latter is the battleground for controlling a local landmark. John Hanke says these places only exist in their “very most basic versions,” but in the future we can expect to be able to “customize their functions in other ways.”

Finally, to be able to see who indeed is the very best, Pokemon Go is getting a leaderboard. We can also expect AR improvements to come, now that Niantic Labs has had a chance to see their products available to the general public.

Gameranx has numerous guides available to get you started on your Pokemon Go journey. Who knows? You might even find a dead body or something.