Pokémon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor DLC – How To Complete All Three Master Dojo Trials | Walkthrough

The Isle of Armor sends your trainer to the Master Dojo, a special place that’s all about learning and growing. There, you’ll earn new Pokémon — including a brand new Legendary that you’ll have to spend a whole lot of time with. Before you can unlock the many rewards this island has to offer, you’re going to need to complete three trials.

The three trials send you everywhere across the Isle of Armor, and it’s a very big place. Unlike other locations in Pokémon Sword & Shield, the Isle of Armor is one massive Wild Area. There are no loading screens, and there are multiple paths you can take to reach every section of the map.

If you’re lost or need some guidance to complete all three trials and earn your Legendary Pokémon, follow our complete guide below for step-by-step details.

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Trial #1: Chase Down The Speedy Slowpokes

Three slowpokes are moving at mach speed! Travel down to the Soothing Wetlands to find them all and retrieve Klara’s Master Dojo uniform.

Before beginning, talk to the lady to the left of the Master Dojo, near the path leading to the Soothing Wetlands. She can give you one of two bike customizations! She’ll also recharge your bike speed boost.

To chase down the slowpokes, swap to your bike [-/+] and then use your speed boost to catch up to them [R Shoulder Button]. Chase down all three and defeat them in a fight to complete the challenge.

  • Galarian Slowpoke are weak to: Bug, Ghost, and Dark types.

The Slowpokes are speeding around, kicking up dust as they circle wide open spaces. You won’t find them in narrow spots! Search the big wide open areas of the Soothing Wetlands, and you can’t miss them. The dust in the far distance is an easy way to spot them.

For your success in this trial, you’ll be able to pick Bulbasaur or Squirtle as a reward! Both will be able to Gigantamax once they evolve, so pick carefully.

Trial #2: Picking Max Mushrooms

For this trial, travel down to the Warm-Up Tunnel, just past the Soothing Wetlands and Forest of Focus. You won’t find any Max Mushrooms in the Forest of Focus right now, so you’ll have to travel to the Warm-Up Tunnel instead.

The Warm-Up Tunnel is located past the Soothing Wetlands and Forest of Focus. Through the forest, you’ll enter the Training Lowlands. The cave trial is found in the northeast corner of this area.

Press [Y] to inspect the large red mushrooms with white swirls on them. You’ll find them inside the cave — but they don’t make an interaction prompt appear when you’re close. Just interact with them anyway!

The mushrooms are found in the right path near the entrance. Grab them to get all three — you’ll have to fight your nemesis trainer, though! Make sure to heal up before picking the mushrooms.

Return to the Master Dojo to collect your Master Soup!

Trial #3: Dynamax Trainer Battle

The final battle pits you against your trainer rival in a Dynamax battle. Talk to Master Mustard, then go through the back doors of the dojo to find the trainer arena. Depending on your version of the game, you’ll encounter Klara or Avery.

  • Pokémon Sword: Klara, Poison Type — Weak to Ground & Psychic
  • Pokémon Shield: Avery, Psychic Type — Weak to Bug, Ghost & Dark

This is a Dynamax battle, so make sure to bring a type that’s strong against your rival trainer’s main Pokémon. I also highly recommend using the Max Soup to upgrade one of the Pokémon on your team into a Gigantamax Pokémon.

During these fights, always save your Gigantamax for the final Pokémon — your enemy trainer waits until the last minute, so use your G-Max power to counter their’s, or you could take a lot of damage!

  • Klara Trainer Battle:
    • Klara places Toxic Spikes on the battlefield, automatically poisoning any Pokémon you send. Flying Pokémon are unaffected.
    • Klara uses Skorupi, Weezing, Whirlipede & Slowbro
    • Klara will Dynamax Galarian Slowbro.

For winning the battle, you’ll gain the Master Dojo’s Secret Armor! It isn’t a regular outfit, it’s actually a Pokémon — Kubfu! This is the legendary Pokémon of the Isle of Armor, and you can upgrade Kubfu to gain multiple new forms.

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