Pokémon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor DLC – All Useful NPC Features | Move Tutors, Dojo Upgrades & More

The Isle of Armor offers plenty of useful features for returning Pokemon Sword & Shield players, but you’ll have to work hard to unlock them. There’s a new currency called Armorite Ore that you can use to unlock powerful moves, or collect staggering amounts of Watts — which you can then spend to upgrade the Dojo and unlock useful features like cheap stat-increasing items or free ingredients.

You’ll also find NPCs that can do things you won’t find anywhere in the standard Galar region. Lady Clear can clear your Pokemon’s stats, letting them start fresh in exchange for Armorite Ore. There are two NPCs dedicated to ore — one that gives you free ore, and another that takes ore in exchange for Watts. You can also unlock a bunch of new moves by trading Armorite Ore, which is a rare random drop. You’ll really want to find the Digging Ma.

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The Isle of Armor is home to many useful NPCs you won’t find anywhere else in the game world. Some of them provide unique features, new items, or special rewards. I’ll run down the list of all the special NPCs to look out for here.

  • Lady Clear: Workout Sea – Removes all the base stats from a Pokémon and lets you start from scratch. Costs 10 Armorite Ore. Located on a tiny, empty island. You have to get close for her to appear!
  • Bike Lady: Fields of Honor – The Bike Lady allows you to customize your bike paint job. You can select white or black, or customize your colors to match your 1st Party Pokémon. Located to the left of the Master Dojo entrance.
  • Fashion Designer: Armor Station – Found in Armor Station, if you give the designed 3,000 cash, he’ll reward you with an entire new outfit set.
  • Max Soup Cook: Master Dojo – Found in the kitchen of the Master Dojo. Appears after completing the second trial. Bring the NPC near the pot 3 Max Mushrooms to gain Max Soup — allowing you to upgrade certain Pokemon into their Gigantamax forms.
  • Move Tutor: Master Dojo – Located in the back of the dojo. After completing the first trial, you can trade 5 Armorite Ore to learn unique moves. You’ll get a large list of powerful moves you can teach.
  • Miss Honey: Master Dojo – After finishing all three trials, Miss Honey will allow you to upgrade the Master Dojo and gain new useful functions.
    • 5,000 Watts: Hairstylist
    • 10,000 Watts: Rotomi Terminal (Non-functioning)
    • 20,000 Watts: Rotomi Terminal (functioning)
    • 30,000 Watts: Vending Machine
    • 40,000 Watts: New Vending Machine Item – Soda Pop
    • 50,000 Watts: New Vending Machine Item – Lemonade
    • 100,000 Watts: Daily Free Ingredients
    • 200,000 Watts: New Vending Machine Items – Supplements
    • 300,000 Watts: New Vending Machine Items – More Supplements
    • 400,000 Watts: New Vending Machine Items – Even More Supplements
  • Hyde: Master Dojo – Sitting at the desk, talk to Hyde to unlock the Cram-o-matic crafting machine. You can also spend 100 watts and Hyde will give you a random recipe.
  • Digging Ma: An NPC that randomly appears somewhere in the Isle of Armor wild area. Talk to them and you’ll earn free Armorite Ore.
  • Digging Pa: Stands just outside the Warm-Up Tunnel in the Training Lowlands. Trade him Armorite Ore and he’ll dig up Watts!
    • If you’re lucky, you can earn an insane amount of Watts. My first try, I picked up 213,500 watts.

There are more useful NPCs in the area! Lookout for NPCs that will trade Pokemon from different regions — you can gain Kanto or Alolan Pokemon from these characters.

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