Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Evolve All The New Galar Region Pokémon | Evolution Guide

The Galar Region is home to dozens of new critters to collect in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and all those new Pokemon have their own evolution methods. Like games in the past, some Pokemon evolutions are a lot trickier to figure out for yourself than others. Most of them evolve as you level up, but there’s a few that require extra steps — you might get new evolutions based on your Pokemon nature, or even get a random evolution after spinning around in circles.

There are totally new (and totally weird) methods that take more than just an Evolution item. Some of the weirdest Pokemon have to be evolved in specific locations on the map — or in the case of Galarian Farfetch’d, you can become the brave knight Sirfetch’d by scoring three critical hits in a single battle. Make sure to learn moves to increase your critical chances!

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All Galar Region Pokémon Evolutions

Most Pokémon evolve depending on their level. Once your Pokémon reaches a specific level, they’ll automatically evolve — some are more complicated than that. We’ll start with the starters, and then I’ll explain the trickier Pokémon evolutions below.

Starter Pokémon Evolutions

Grookey [Starter] -> Thwackey [Lv. 16] -> Rillaboom [Lv.35]

Scorbunny [Starter] -> Raboot [Lv.16] -> Cinderace [Lv.35]

Sobble [Starter] -> Drizzile [Lv.16] -> Inteleon [Lv.35]

Pokemon Evolutions – Unique Methods [Items, Natures & More]

Applin: Applin will evolve into one of two different Pokemon, depending on the item you give it — a Tart Apple or a Sweet Apple.

  • Flapple: Give Applin the [Tart Apple] evolution item.
  • Appletun: Give Applin the [Sweet Apple] evolution item.

Toxel: Depending on the nature of your Toxel, it will evolve into one of two different forms of the same Pokemon when it evolves.

  • Toxtricity (Amped Form): Adamant, Brave, Docile, Hardy, Hasty, Impish, Jolly, Lax, Naive, Naughty, Rash, Quirky, Sassy Nature
  • Toxtricity (Low Key Form): Bashful, Bold, Calm, Careful, Gentle, Lonely, Mild, Modest, Quiet, Relaxed, Serious, Timid Nature

Clobbopus: You evolve Clobbopus into Grapploct, you’ll need to learn the Taunt move with Clobbopus, then level up.

  • Grapploct: Level up after learning Taunt.

Sinistea: Evolves into Polteageist with the [Cracked Pot] evolution item. This Pokemon (and its evolution) can be found in non-forgery form in the Wilds.

  • Polteageist: Use the [Cracked Pot] evolution item.

Milcery: Evolves into Alcremie — when you spin, you’ll get a variety of different forms.

  • Alcremia: Give Milcery a Sweet and spin in the over-world map.

Snom: Evolves into Frosmoth, but only after reaching a high happiness level.

  • Frosmoth: Reach Happiness 220 and level up at night.

Pokemon Evolutions – New Forms Of Previous Gen Pokemon

Obstagoon: This new third evolution form for Zigzagoon / Linoone will only evolve at Lv.35 at Night.

  • Obstagoon: Level up Galarian Form Zigzagoon / Galarian Form Linoone to Lv. 35 at Night.

Perrzerker: This is a new evolution that’s exclusive to Galarian Form Meowth.

  • Perrzersker: Level up Galarian Form Meowth to Lv. 28.

Cursola: This is a new evolution that’s exclusive to Galarian Form Corsola.

  • Cursola: Level up Galarian Form Corsola to Lv. 38.

Sirfetch’d: This is a new evolution that’s exclusive to Galarian Form Farfetch’d.

  • Sirfetch’d: Land three critical hits in a single battle with Galarian Form Farfetch’d to evolve.

Mr. Rime: A third evolution for Mime Jr. — Galarian Form Mr. Mime evolves into Mr. Rime at Lv. 42.

  • Mr. Rime: Level up Galarian Form Mr. Mime to Lv. 42.

Runerigus: One of the weirdest evolution methods so far. This Pokemon evolves from Galarian Form Yamask.

  • Runerigus: With Galarian Form Yamask, walk under a stone structure in Dusty Bowl – Wild Lands with 49+ points of damage.

Pokémon Evolutions – Leveling Up

Blipbug -> Dottler [Lv.10] -> Orbeetle [Lv.30]

Rookidee -> Corvisquire [Lv.18] -> Corviknight [Lv.38]

Skwovet -> Greedent [Lv.24]

Nickit -> Thievul [Lv.18]

Gossifleur -> Eldegoss [Lv.20]

Wooloo -> Dubwool [Lv.24]

Chewtle -> Drednaw [Lv.22]

Yamper -> Boltund [Lv.25]

Rolycoly -> Carkol [Lv.18] -> Coalossal [Lv.34]

Sillicobra -> Sandacobra [Lv.36]

Arrokuda -> Barraskewda [Lv.26]

Sizzlipede -> Centiskorch [Lv.28]

Hatenna -> Hattrem [Lv.32] -> Hatterene [Lv.42]

Impidimp -> Morgrem [Lv.32] -> Grimmsnarl [Lv.42]

Cufant -> Copperajah [Lv.34]

Dreepy -> Drakloak [Lv.50] -> Dragapult [Lv.???]