Pokemon Sword & Shield Brings In More Customization Options


During the September 2019 Nintendo Direct upload today, we got a brand new highlight for the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield video games. This next mainline installment to the Pokemon franchise is already hyped up with players around the world eagerly awaiting to get their hands on a copy, but we have even more information about the game which was just unveiled today. For starters, it looks like the development studio is providing more customization options for your protagonist character.

There was a total of four highlights made for the video game. The starting highlight is the customization options for players to tweak their character towards their particular taste. Some of the customization options range from different outfits to hairstyles and even makeup options. Additionally, the video game titles will come with a new feature known as Pokemon Camp, this is a virtual campsite that you can start anywhere in the open world. Overall, with this feature, players can more or less play with their captured Pokemon.

Speaking of the Pokemon Camp feature, a new mini-game of sorts was unveiled though details about it are a bit scarce still. It’s called Curry on Rice and it’s a cooking style feature that will allow players to craft different recipes which will likely play some type of role for your Pokemon and possibly their stats, but again it remains to be seen fully on what this feature will overall do for players.

Lastly, in this highlight, we got a look at two new Pokemon which were Polteageist and Cramorant. These are just two new characters you’ll meet along the way but you can expect plenty more when the game does launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

Source: Nintendo Direct