Metro Exodus: How To Save All Your Team Members | ‘Full Strength’ Guide

The post-apocalyptic Russia of Metro Exodus is incredibly dangerous. Depending on how you complete certain missions, your teammates can reach an unhappy fate. They can get injured, leave the train, or even die — and their fate is tied directly to the ending of the game. If you want to get a good ending and keep everyone around, here’s what you need to do.

This guide specifically covers three characters — so there are some pretty major story spoilers ahead. I’ll try to be as vague as possible. By saving Duke, Damir, and Alyoshia, you’ll earn the ‘Full Strength’ achievement / trophy. You’ll need to learn some stealthy techniques if you want to help your buddies make it through the game alive and well.

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How To Save All Your Team Members | ‘Full Strength’ Guide


There are three characters that can die / get hurt / leave. Duke, Damir and Alyosha — it all depends on how you complete their chapter-ending missions.

To save all three characters, you need to remain stealthy. Don’t kill enemies randomly at the end of each story. It’s all about avoiding conflict. You need to “Ghost” through levels — don’t kill, and don’t raise an alarm. Depending on the mission, the specifics will be different.

  • Stealth Tips:
    • Always wait until night before infiltrating enemy territory. In daylight, you’ll be easily spotted from far away.
    • Try to avoid knocking out enemies. Only knock out enemies in areas where you’re absolutely sure patrolling guards won’t spot the body.
    • Always turn out the lights. On Normal Difficulty, enemies will only be alarmed if you shoot out the light near them.
    • Some enemies, like bandits, are okay to kill in any situation. Others, like the Forest Tribe in TAIGA should NEVER be killed.
    • Quicksave often! Quicksave whenever you’re in a good position — especially if you haven’t knocked out / killed anyway.
    • Use distractions to lure enemies away from populated areas / patrol routes.

Duke Doesn’t Die

To keep Duke alive in the VOLGA chapter, you need to remain in stealth for the entire bridge sequence. If you raise an alarm on the bridge, Duke will die in the ending cutscene as you attempt to escape. Stay in the shadows and avoid conflict.

Damir Stays With The Spartans

To stop Damir from leaving in the CASPIAN chapter, you need to help your tribal companion Guil. She will request a family photo in the underground bunker — get it for her. You’ll also want to rescue the slaves in the scrap heap (south of the Lighthouse) and the beached ship prison (east of the Lighthouse).

During the final mission, do not raise an alarm as you sneak through the slave quarters. If you avoid killing slaves, rescue slaves, and help out your new friend, you’ll get a better ending for the chapter.

Alyosha Doesn’t Get Wounded

Alyosha will only avoid a painful fate if you’re able to impress Olga in the TAIGA chapter. Don’t make Taiga mad — do not attack or kill any of the Pioneers. While it’s okay to fight the Pirates, it’s better to completely ghost them. The only enemies you’re free to kill are the mutants and the bandits.

Get the best possible ending for all three chapters, and you’ll unlock the “Full Strength” achievement / trophy. There are individual achievements / trophies for completing each challenge, too.