Review Roundup: Metro Exodus Boasts Broaden Horizons, New Gameplay Mechanics, and More

Metro Exodus is the latest entry in the Russian dystopian survival horror franchise and from early reviews, it looks like the game is worth your time.

At the moment, Metro Exodus is sitting with a 79 overall rating among 29 critic reviews. That is decently high for a third title in an on-going franchise. It seems that the game broadens its gameplay mechanics, in spite of losing some of the franchise’s core ideals, but it makes up for it with an open world to explore characters you care about, and a decently rounded story.

Check out some review highlights for the highly anticipated title from some reputable video game sites down below:

Metro Exodus takes the fear-inducing formula of the series and transplants it into expansive, sandbox-like levels without losing any of the oppressive tension that makes the Metro games memorable and distinctive among post-apocalyptic first-person shooters. It’s a frequently exhilarating and densely atmospheric journey across a Russian dystopia brimming with detail and deadly inhabitants, and well worth the trip for its consistently effective use of survival horror and hair-raising action.
As Metro broadens its horizons, it loses some of the series’ focus. But Exodus makes up for it with thrilling encounters and a crew you’ll want to follow to the ends of the earth.
The survival horror tropes, linear moments, and emphasis on atmosphere haven’t been lost, but Exodus proves that Metro can be much more than a journey through dark and decaying tunnels.
Metro Exodus is a solid conclusion for a cult series that made its name in rough charm. The open world and stealth systems of the conclusion to the trilogy are largely missteps, but it’s when Metro Exodus returns to its horrific roots, with a bunch of caring comrades, that the game fires on all cylinders.
Still in Progress 
I expected more polish this time around and, so far at least, I feel a little let down. The game looks salvageable, and I expect it to perk up after a few patches. But, because of the bugs, even die-hard fans may want to wait for a while before they commit the time to get stuck in. [Pre-review based on 10 hours]
Metro Exodus is an amazing and beautiful game that offers a new style and experience from 2033 and Last Light. With polished visuals and an amazing soundtrack, the changes 4A Games have implemented create awesome environments and enjoyable gameplay, taking you across various landscapes of Europe. However, in doing so, the survival horror and dark, claustrophobic tone have almost entirely been left behind at the station.
While Metro: Exodus delivers on its promise of deep and meaningful combat situations that let you approach encounters from any angle you can think of, its technical shortcomings are simply unforgivable. Combine that with a plot that doesn’t answer its most intriguing questions and you’ve got an experience that will please at times, but will also disappoint those looking for something meaningful outside of the distribution of bullets.

Metro Exodus is set to release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC tomorrow, February 15. Are you excited for the upcoming entry in the Metro series? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Metacritic