Metro Exodus: All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 2: Winter

Stay warm in Chapter 2 of Metro Exodus with these collectible locations. Or, well, technically — collectible location. Singular. Yes, there’s really only one collectible to find in Chapter 2, which is an incredibly short chapter. It’s really more of a transitional story, so you won’t do much exploring for now. It’s all about travel, and things don’t start to get difficult until later in the game.

To fill out this article, I’ve also included a quick guide, explaining how to unlock the “Join Us On Air” achievement / trophy. In this uneventful chapter, you can also use the nearby radio to search for stations. You can hear humans broadcasting — but what we’re looking for is music. Sweep the dial across the airwaves to earn an easily-missed achievement / trophy.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 2: Winter

There are two types of collectibles in Metro Exodus; diary pages and postcards

Find all 70 diary pages and all 21 postcards to unlock the ‘Librarian‘ and ‘Old World Pictures‘ achievements / trophies.

  • Diary #11: Choose to stay and explore the area to get the only collectible in this chapter. Go down the stairs from the room, and you’ll find the diary on a crate. Very hard to miss.

This is a very short chapter — you can also unlock the “Join Us On Air” achievement / trophy here. Use the radio and turn the dial until you find a music station. Leave the dial on the music station for a moment to unlock. It’s very simple, and you can always return and earn what you missed from the chapter select. There are other stations you can listen to, but you’ll only earn the achievement / trophy if you stop on the music station.