Metro Exodus: All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 7: Summer

After a lengthy quest to the vast Caspian Sea map in Metro Exodus, it’s time for a breather in Chapter 7: Summer. Once again, there’s only one collectible for you to find, but it’s in an area of the train you might not even realize exists. You’ll find all the information you need to get this collectible below.

The chapter on the Caspian Sea was a lengthy one — but with easily identifiable areas to explore, you shouldn’t have a problem finding all the collectibles with the guide linked below. After spending time with your pals on the Aurora, we’re taking a trip to the valley in Chapter 8: Taiga. This is a long quest that’s mostly linear, but filled with nooks and crannies to explore. Very easy to miss most everything. We’ll get to that next.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 7: Summer

There are two types of collectibles in Metro Exodus; diary pages and postcards

Find all 70 diary pages and all 21 postcards to unlock the ‘Librarian‘ and ‘Old World Pictures‘ achievements / trophies.

  • Diary #43: This diary is a little easier to miss than most in these transition chapters. To get it, go to the very back of the train. Exit the passenger car, and walk past the water tanker to the workshop with the van. You’ll find the diary in this optional area.