Metro Exodus: All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 3: The Volga

The treacherous Volga River is the true first level in Metro Exodus. You’ll finally have free reign to explore the huge map — and that means there are more collectibles to hunt down. This time, it’s incredibly easy to miss all the collectibles if you don’t search every nook and cranny. There are tons of completely optional locations, and even the areas you need to explore and much, much larger than before.

This is a whole new Metro game. Below, we’ll go through all the hidden collectible locations and where to find them. You can revisit most locations once you’re very far in the story, but some areas will be locked off until you’ve made enough progress. Just remember to quicksave often, and don’t leave the area until you’ve gone back to collect every little items. It’s tough to replay these expansive chapters.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 3: The Volga

There are two types of collectibles in Metro Exodus; diary pages and postcards. 

Find all 70 diary pages and all 21 postcards to unlock the ‘Librarian‘ and ‘Old World Pictures‘ achievements / trophies.

  • Postcard #3: In the old church. On the second floor, look for a ladder up to a barracks — inside, there’s a postcard on the back-right wall.
  • Diary #11: On the way back to the Aurora, look for a camp with a dead man. The campsite is surrounded by dead mutants. The note is on the bedroll, near the feet of the body.
  • Diary #12: Moving south to the port where Krest is located, go through the building where you first encounter zombies, then go down the stairs to the underground path behind the building. Kick down the door, and you’ll summon a zombie. The diary is on the shelf right behind where the zombie appears.
  • Postcard #4: Meeting Krest, you’ll enter his crane safehouse. Near the door to the balcony with the zipline, you’ll find a hanging postcard.
  • Diary #13: Going to save Anna in the underground bunker, you’ll find this note in the locked room near the entrance. Break the lock to get inside.
  • Diary #14: Now you can explore the map more freely. Find a diary page in a closed shipping container near the center of the map. Go north from the train tracks to find it — the interior is full of spider webs. Burn through the webs to find the diary.
  • Diary #15: At the bandit camp east of the previous container, go to the center of the camp and look for a table with a white sheet and a chicken. There’s a note next to the chicken.
  • Diary #16:¬†Follow the road toward the raised bridge. There’s a trailer with a green door on the road — there is a diary on the shelves to the right.
  • Postcard #5: In the same trailer, you’ll find this postcard hanging on the right as you enter.
  • Diary #17: At the bandit-controlled gas station, find the diary on the fallen shelf in the left room.
  • Diary #18: Look west of the gas station, south of the main train tracks — there’s a burnt out van in an empty field. The diary is sitting in the open doorway.
  • Diary #19: There’s a very small island in the center of a large lake, just south of the main tracks. You have to take a boat to reach the island. There’s a diary page in the center.
  • Diary #20: Southwest of the gas station, look for a house near the shore (east of the tiny island with the two fanatics / locked cache) — go to the last room to find the missing diary.
  • Diary #21: Down on the Teddy Bear quest island where the demons appear, go to the sunken shack with a view of the crane in the distance. Break open the lock and look on the shelf.
  • Diary #22: Go to the destroyed Terminal and look for a fallen stone pillar created a ramp on a crushed red shipping container. Follow the pillar to a wooden platform, to a yellow ladder that leads to the diary.
  • Postcard #6: Follow the train tracks to the massive facility on the eastern edge of the map. Follow the main road, and look for a shuttered shack with a green door. There’s a safe house outside the main mission objective with a post card hanging on the wall.
  • Diary #23: In the massive “Fish House” where you’ll encounter the Tzar-fish, follow the main path until you enter the room with the bodies wrapped up as sacrifices to the fish. As you enter, look left on the chair for a diary.
  • Postcard #7: Break the lock on the locked door on the main deck of the fanatic’s barge. Go to the back of the interior where there’s a burning fire. The post card is hanging to the right, on the small log domicile.