Metro Exodus: All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 1: Moscow

The underground is over. In Metro Exodus, you and your band of survivors escape the subway systems of Moscow and ride a train to a far away oasis. The post-apocalyptic world is slightly less inhospitable this time around, and your settlement can travel for long distances without gas masks. There are still throngs of nightmarish mutants ready to rip your guts out, but you’ll need to handle one situation at a time. For now, it’s all about riding the rails in this epic road-trip FPS.

While you’re exploring and fighting through the vast wilderness of the old world, you’ll be able to collect two types of collectibles. There are postcards and diaries — postcards are just photos, while diaries are text entries that provide more context to the game’s story. Of course, there are also achievements / trophies to earn for finding all of each. There are 12 collectibles in the first chapter alone, and the chapters are only going to get bigger.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 1: Moscow

There are two types of collectibles in Metro Exodus; diary pages and postcards. There are a total of 12 collectibles in Chapter 1: Moscow. 

Find all 70 diary pages and all 21 postcards to unlock the ‘Librarian‘ and ‘Old World Pictures‘ achievements / trophies.

  • Diary #1: Right after killing an attacking bat-like mutant, move forward and look to the right for a work desk with your first diary entry.
  • Diary #2: In the hospital, look on the table straight ahead once you gain control.
  • Postcard #1: Leave the main hospital room, and enter the room ahead with a closed door. Before going in the door, look to the right on the cabinet. There’s a postcard pinned to it.
  • Postcard #2: While exploring the ruined highrise, you’ll travel down the stairs. Stop when you reach a floor with an optional apartment — the postcard is hanging on the wall by the window in the kitchen.
  • Diary #3: In the same optional apartment, go to the bedroom to find a diary on the end table.
  • Diary #4: Sliding down the beam, you’ll enter a dangerous area swarming with enemies in a large open room. In the back-left, look on the corpse to find an old shopping list.
  • Diary #5: Look on the seats of the crashed bus, downstairs from the previous diary.
  • Diary #6: After a near-death experience, crawl out of the corpses and walk straight ahead in the ditch. There’s a diary to collect on another body.
  • Diary #7: When you confront the commander in the map control room, you’ll find an official note behind the commander NPC himself.
  • Diary #8: Continuing to sneak through the base, you’ll enter an interior through a red door. Inside, look on the desk with a lamp. There’s a diary there.
  • Diary #9: After climbing through the window of the train, don’t go through the next door. Instead, stop and grab the diary on the desk to the left.
  • Diary #10: The last diary is located past the train car with the mounted gun. In the next car ahead, look right as you enter.