Far Cry New Dawn: How To Unlock Archery Expert Trophy | Trophy Guide

Getting the Archery Expert trophy in Far Cry: New Dawn is relatively easy to acquire. This trophy will require players to kill an enemy from a distance of over 100 meters away through the use of a basic arrow. So it’s best that you use a powerful bow in order to get this achievement. For instance, something like the Lucky Shot Compound Bow would be a great weapon to choose.


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Step #1

For the first step, head to Prosperity’s weapons bench and have level 3 weapons upgrade. From there you need to craft Lucky Shot Compound Bow.

Step #2

Go to an outpost to get a good cluster of enemies to choose from. Head far enough out from the outpost so that you can get an enemy kill from over 100 meters away. In order to find out if you’re far enough away, use the binoculars and target an enemy to see just how far away the enemy is from your position.

Step #3

After selecting an enemy that’s at least 101 meters away, bring up your Lucky Shot Compound Bow and use the scope to correctly aim the kill with the distance displayed on the scope.

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