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Far Cry: New Dawn, much like Far Cry 5, has companions which can help along during your journey. There is a total of eight companions which can be unlocked either by playing the game campaign or doing a side mission. If you’re looking for a little extra help when battling enemies or other hostilities found within the game then check out our guide below on how to unlock all eight companions.


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Carmina Rye

You automatically get Carmina Rye as a companion right from the start of the game so there’s no need to unlock this gun for hire.

Pastor Jerome

Head to Ramone’s Lookout and complete the side mission Jerome Comes Home. Ramone will be inside a silo where you need to climb up and speak with her to get the mission. From there you need to head towards the convoy wreck and pick up the item laid next to a corpse.

From there head to the convoy where Jerome is being held. To free him all you need to do is go up to the cage and unlock the door. From there he will ask you to free some additional captives that are locked up in the Rye homestead.

Go to the Rye & Daughter Aviation homestead and take out the enemies. There will be three captives to free. Once they are free you can speak with Jerome who will become an optional companion.

Gina Guerra

Required: Act 2 & Sharky

When you begin Act 2 of Far Cry: New Dawn you’ll get a new optional mission called Mo’ Mommies, Mo’ Problems. Head to Gina Guerra on the map in Prosperity and then speak with Sharky. From there you’ll have to head into a battle arena and help Gina.

At the battle arena, you need to climb up onto a sniper tower where you’ll have to kill the enemies driving in cars as well as other snipers perched around the arena. When you have killed all the opposing enemies you’ll be able to speak with Gina where she will become an optional companion.

The Judge

Requires: Act 2 Joseph’s Secret

The Judge will automatically become a companion when you complete the story mission Joseph’s Secret.


To unlock Nana you have to complete the Crow’s Feet, Eagle’s Eyes optional mission. First head to Nana’s Perch where you will have to prove how good of a shot you are with a sniper rifle. Go to the designated spot and use the sniper rifle to shoot ten helmets before time runs out.

After shooting the ten helmets, Nana will have you shoot ten more helmets that will move. This will take you up on a silo and shooting ten more objects, but instead of helmets it will be balloons. Finally, the last test will unlock from Nana where she will fire off a flare to alert enemies. Along with Nana helping, you will have to snipe all the enemies that come your way. When all the enemies are killed the NPC will become an optional companion.

Hurk Drubman Jr.

Head to Hurk who will be at the east end of your map where you need to drive him somewhere in the Days of Blunder side mission. Drive the car and use the gun mount to destroy the barricades blocking the path. After so long, Hurk will have you ditch the car and from there he will become an optional companion.


The Man Eat Dog World mission will have players going to a processing style makeshift plant where dogs are being turned into food. There will be two enemies to kill where you will come across a dog. Free the dog and pet it so it’s no longer scared.

Follow the dog where you will eventually have to free several dogs that are locked in cages. Within the area, you’ll also come across a general cell key. Head back to the start of the mission and pet the dog again where he will become an optional companion.


The To Love A Boar side mission will give players a wild boar as a companion. Go to the marker on the map for the mission and kill the enemies. Afterward, destroy the lock on the shed door and free Horatio. Petting him will unlock the boar as an optional companion.

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