Metro Exodus: How To Get The Best Ending | Morality Guide

Morality returns in Metro Exodus — and you might not even realize it. Like the previous two games in the series, there are multiple endings you can unlock, and sometimes they’ve been surprisingly difficult to reach. This time around, it isn’t too bad. As long as you play carefully, and try to be kind to (most) everyone you meet. Here, I’m going to break down exactly what you should and shouldn’t do to get the best possible ending for Artyom and your gang of Spartan soldiers.

The only clue that there is a morality system in Metro Exodus is a black flash when you perform a truly heinous act. Doing good doesn’t seem to give you any indicator at all. It’s basic stuff — don’t kill surrendering enemies, and don’t shoot everyone on sight. Killing monsters is always okay, but killing humans is a little more complicated. Even if it looks like there are enemies nearby, certain factions won’t attack you unless you attack them first. Always approach carefully, place your reticule over an NPC. If the reticule turns red, they’re an enemy. If it’s yellow or green, then don’t shoot!

There’s more to morality than just that. There are also specific events you need to react to. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty details.

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How To Get The Best Ending | Morality Guide

The morality system in Metro Exodus is totally invisible. To get the best ending, you’ll simply have to do as much good (and commit the least evil) as possible. Here’s a series of actions you’ll need to avoid (or complete) for a happy ending.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You don’t need to do all of these tasks. As long as you accomplish more GOOD morality actions than BAD morality actions, you’ll get the good ending.

  • All Chapters
    • Use stealth and avoid combat whenever possible. In stealth, use nonlethal knockouts to disable guards instead of killing them.
    • When an enemy surrenders, do not kill them.
    • Some gunfights can’t be avoided. During these situations, there is no morality hit for killing enemies.
  • Chapter 3: Volga
    • Complete the Guitar and Teddy Bear sidequests. Return the Teddy Bear to the little girl at the train.
    • Do not kill friendly Fanatics in the area. You’ll find them west of the Gas Station in a ritual, waiting by a dock on a small island to the west, and you’ll find them as prisoners in a large bandit camp.
    • Free the Fanatic prisoners in the bandit camp.
    • Avoid killing Fanatics in the Church escape, or when sneaking through the Barge at the end of the chapter.
    • Don’t kill the the Fanatics on the bridge. Confront the Father without alerting guards to save Duke.
  • Chapter 6: Caspian Sea
    • In this chapter, you’ll encounter many slaves that won’t attack you. Don’t kill any slaves!
    • When investigating the truck at the start of the Caspian Sea, don’t kill the enemy soldier that ambushes you on the rooftop.
      • You’ll get a sidequest from this character later if you spare him. Complete it!
    • Use stealth and knock out all the guards at the Slave Camps — if you use stealth, you’ll rescue the slaves. (There are two locations; the Mine and the Shipwreck.)
    • Liberate the Prison and release the prisoners.
    • Collect the family photo when exploring the government facility under the lighthouse.
  • Chapter 8: Taiga
    • Don’t kill the forest tribe members. Sneak past them!
    • Don’t attack the unarmed forest tribals or the hermit.
    • Don’t kill wounded forest tribe members.

If you complete most of these tasks, you’ll get the good ending. There are two endings in the game — a bad ending and a good ending. If you’re curious what the endings actually are, here’s a quick rundown.


  • Bad Ending – SPOILERS
    • Artyom succumbs to radiation poisoning and dies while trying to return to the Aurora with the medicine for Anna. Thanks to the medicine, Anna survives. The game ends with the burial of Artyom.
  • Good Ending – SPOILERS
    • Artyom manages to survive thanks to his friends on the Aurora. The characters you’ve helped along the way give Artyom a blood transfusion, saving his life — Colonel Miller sacrifices himself during the escape, giving Artyom anti-rads. Returning with the satellite data, the Aurora is able to find a safe valley to call home. The game ends with Colonel Miller’s funeral, and Artyom’s decision to build a home where everyone is welcome.

I managed to get the good ending on my first try — without saving Duke, or completing the Saul sidequest. There are lots of events and steps you can miss. The goal is just to do as many of these as possible to (hopefully!) earn a happy ending for the Spartan Order.