Metro Exodus: All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 10: Dead City

We’re finally done with the Metro Exodus collectibles guide — all you have to do is delve into Chapter 10: Dead City to get them all. The horrors of this final chapter can be overwhelming, making some of these diaries pretty easy to miss. There are 10 collectibles total to find here, and getting them all will finally unlock the ‘Librarian’ and ‘Old World Pictures’ achievements / trophies.

Even after finishing the game and getting the collectibles, there’s still plenty to discover in this incredible post-apocalyptic FPS. Check out the guides listed below, and watch Gameranx for even more coverage. I couldn’t be happier with Metro Exodus, and it’s been a pleasure playing through it multiple times. Here’s hoping you’re having just as much fun revisiting what might be a real FPS classic.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 10: Dead City

There are two types of collectibles in Metro Exodus; diary pages and postcards

Find all 70 diary pages and all 21 postcards to unlock the ‘Librarian‘ and ‘Old World Pictures‘ achievements / trophies.

  • Postcard #20: After escaping the first appearance of the mole-like mutants, you’ll enter a room with dead bodies and a tape recorder. The postcard is on the wall between the two cabinets, to the right as you enter.
  • Diary #63: Enter the room with corpses in cages as you walk up a ramp. Look on the right side for a table near a blocked door. There’s a diary on the table.
  • Diary #64: Leaving the metro station through the escalators, you’ll enter some offices on the right. Going through the office, enter the third room and look for a desk on the left with this diary.
  • Diary #65: In the boy’s home, you’ll find a diary pinned to the board with the maps.
  • Postcard #21: The last postcard is on the pillar to the right of the railgun weapon upgrade, on the table.
  • Diary #66: Following the main path through the dead metro town, you’ll take stairs up to a second floor blue train car. As you enter the train car, you’ll find a note near a corpse sitting on the floor of the train.
  • Diary #67: When rowing the boat down the flooded passage, you’ll find an optional port on the left. Go inside and you’ll find the diary on the desk in the last room, next to the Shambler box magazine upgrade.
  • Diary #68: Leaving another station, past the vision, you’ll go up another escalator. Look for an office on the left, up above, with a diary. Look to the left of the corpse on the desk.
  • Diary #69: After witnessing a vision of the past, you’ll drop down into an underground tunnel. Turn around and run to the end of this passage instead of going forward. You’ll reach a dead end with an easy-to-miss diary.
  • Diary #70: After seeing a vision of Anna (and attempting to give her a gas mask) you’ll drop into another research building. A Blind One will appear — go into the stairwell. One level down, you’ll find a door. Open it and the diary is on the desk.