Metro Exodus: Where To Find All Suit Upgrades | Locations Guide

The irradiated world of Metro Exodus is incredibly dangerous. You’ll want every advantage you can get. This isn’t an RPG, so you won’t level up — but you can upgrade yourself with extremely rare Spartan suit upgrades. These one-of-a-kind bonuses are found throughout the gigantic maps found past Chapter 2, and while they’re only minor enhancements, they’re absolutely worthwhile. You don’t want to leave the map without them.

Spartan Upgrades work just like weapon upgrades. You can swap and install which upgrade you want in multiple different categories, and you can remove these upgrades if you don’t like them. Generally, the upgrades are totally positive, so there’s no reason not to equip them. You can only swap them in and out using workbenches found in safehouses and in the Aurora. Here’s where you’ll want to start your search.

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Where To Find All Suit Upgrades | Locations Guide

Suit upgrades are special, hard-to-find items that can be equipped from any workbench. Tab over to the “Suit” option, and scroll down to find your upgrades after they’ve been collected. Upgrades are usually hidden in optional areas, and finding them all can be tricky. Even if you’ve fully explored a chapter, you can easily overlook one of these extremely useful enhancements.

Chapter 3: The Volga

  • Compass (Bracer): Adds a compass to your bracer that always points to your next main objective.
    • Location: Found in the crash airplane, just north of the Aurora.
  • Battery Charge Controller (Electrical Equipment): Makes batteries last longer.
    • Location: Found on the small island, southwest of the bandit camp where you’ll be sent to acquire the guitar.
      • The cache storage room is locked. To open it, go to the generator room outside and fill it with gas. There is a full gas tank outside, behind the shed.
      • After activating the generator, use the switch to open the door. Inside, climb to the roof and drop down, then charge the electrical panel.
      • Now you can unlock the second door. There’s a gruesome sight inside — a corpse with a battery in its heart! Grab the battery.
  • Extended Filter (Spartan Helmet): Gasmask filters last longer.
    • Location: Located in a small cargo container with a door, west of the bandit camp holding prisoners.
  • Reinforced Helmet (Spartan Helmet): Increased defense against headshots.
    • Location: In the empty husk of a building in the center-east of the map. There’s a bandit camp built into tall concrete pillars — clear the camp, and look in the single interior room for the helmet.
  • Night-Vision Goggles: Gives you the ability to use night-vision. See in the dark without using a flashlight.
    • Location: Found in the terminal where you encounter the Tzar-fish.
  • Ammo Pouches (Carrier Vest): Increases the amount of ammo you can carry.
    • Location: Found in the bandit camp with the fanatic prisoners in cages. Look in the main area, on the opposite wall from where the prisoners are kept.
  • Throwing Weapon Harness (Carrier Vest): Increases the amount of throwing weapons you can carry.
    • Location: Found inside the gas station bandit outpost.
  • Metal Detector (Bracer): Beeps when you’re near scrap resources.
    • Location: On the island in the far south where the demons are located. Go here for the teddy bear quest — the detector is in a sunken building on the west shore.

Chapter 7: Caspian Sea

  • Motion Detector (Bracer): Beeps when you’re near an enemy, or when you are looking at an enemy.
    • Location: Found in the shipwreck / slave camp on the northwestern road of the map. You’ll encounter this bandit camp as you travel north after getting the car. Find it in the control tower of the ship.
  • Enhanced NVG: Combines Night-Vision and Infrared to give you better visibility with the NVG.
    • Location: At the top of the air control tower, in the abandoned base far to the east where a demon lurks. You’ll need to reach the top of the building — the upgrade is in the safehouse.
  • Armored Gasmask (Gasmask): Protects your gasmask so it doesn’t break as easily.
    • Location: Go to the small canyon just south of the well in the northwest corner of the map. It’s a former tribal home that’s guarded by thugs. Clear the area out and a ladder to a safehouse will lower. The upgrade is in that cave.
  • Consumables Harness (Carrier Vest): Increases the amount of consumables you can carry.
    • Location: Find it in a tiny optional cave, north of the air control tower with the Enhanced NVG.
  • Enhanced Flashlight: Makes your flashlight brighter — the beam is longer and wider. Consumes battery power faster.
    • Location: Found an a trapped safe house on the northwestern shore, east of the tribal canyon with the armored gasmask.

You can also (sometimes!) find duplicates if you didn’t locate these upgrades earlier. If you missed one, be on the lookout in certain areas!