Metro Exodus: All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 6: Caspian

The desert is an unforgiving place in Metro Exodus — and the dusty zone makes it even trickier to spot postcard and diary collectibles. Here, I’m going to break down where to find all the bonus collectibles in this chapter. It’s the biggest map in the game, but thankfully these collectibles are really easy to describe. They’re found in places that most players will be able to find with just a short description.

In the Caspian chapter, Artyom gains a truck. The area is huge, and that vehicle changes everything. You’ll be able to plow straight through hordes of enemies instead of desperately avoiding them. The area is also crawling with thugs, so there are more bandit camp sites, and less monsters prowling the abandoned streets. If you want to avoid searching every nook and cranny, and just need a little help completing your collection, just check the locations listed below.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 6: Caspian

There are two types of collectibles in Metro Exodus; diary pages and postcards

Find all 70 diary pages and all 21 postcards to unlock the ‘Librarian‘ and ‘Old World Pictures‘ achievements / trophies.

  • Postcard #10: Right at the start of the map, look in the interior of the old ruins where the Aurora is parked. The postcard is next to the door / entrance of the interior.
  • Diary #31: Found in the Slave Camp at the wrecked ship, southwest of the Lighthouse. On the desk in the second floor of the ship interior.
  • Diary #32: In the same area, go to the room where the two guards are sitting. Climb the stairs and look on the desk with the radio before climbing the ladder up.
  • Diary #33: Check the former tribal home in the canyon west of the Lighthouse / south of the well. Before entering the canyon itself, there’s a note on the small table under the umbrella, next to the truck with cages on the flat bed.
  • Diary #34: In that same canyon, clear out the enemies to drop the ladder into the interior cavern in the center. The diary is on the barrel.
  • Diary #35: When approaching the lighthouse through the underground caverns, you’ll pass rope bridges and reach a narrow rock walkway. Turn to find a body resting against the cave wall — there’s a note by his feet.
  • Postcard #11: In Guil’s home at the top of the lighthouse, you’ll find a postcard to the left of her doorway.
  • Diary #36: Going underground to the satellite facility, you’ll have to activate the power in the first office to clear the spiders. When the power is on and the exit doors are open, you can check the room — to the left of the unlocked doors, there’s an office with a letter next to the typewriter.
  • Diary #37: Further underground, you’ll reach a hallway that’s full of sand. Crawl through the doorway — there’s a window to the right. Check the desk with a body near the window for a diary.
  • Diary #38: After collecting the satellite image roll, leave and you’ll enter a control room. Look at the front of the long table to find another diary.
  • Diary #39: A diary is located in the center of the map at the Hermit’s home. The Hermit is found in a ship east of the outdoor mine slave camp, and west of the lookout point where you’ll meet Anna on the raised road cutting through the center of the map.
  • Postcard #12: In the far northwest corner of the map, you’ll go on a mission to steal water from a oil gang well. Before going underground, look in the abandoned boat to the left of the main path. The postcard is hanging on the wall next to the doorway.
  • Diary #40: In the same abandoned outdoor village, there’s an optional ramp you can run up that’s opposite the boat with the postcard. Walk up the ramps until you find a bedroll with a diary.
  • Diary #41: Clear out the prisoner ship east of the lighthouse and north of the huge crane. At the end of the prisoner ship, you’ll find a heavy soldier with a gatling gun. The diary is on the second floor, on one of the derelict terminals in the right corner as you enter.
  • Postcard #13: The postcard is in the same room, next to the power switch panel.
  • Diary #42: There’s a bandit outpost just north of the slave prison ship. Clear it out and find the note on a raised platform, above the campfire.
  • Postcard #14: The final postcard is located in the abandoned airbase in the far east of the map. Enter the only hangar that’s still standing, and go to the back. It’s on a random crate in the far back — just watch out! Entering this room will trigger an event.