Metro Exodus: All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 8: Taiga

Take a trip to a beautiful valley in Chapter 8 of Metro Exodus, and hunt down the many, many collectibles there with our locations guide. This might be a linear level, but it has the most collectibles of any other chapter. This is a lengthy quest — you’ll start from the southernmost tip of the Taiga river, and slowly make your way north to the old dam. There are tons of collectibles along the way, and we’ve got them all listed in the guide below.

We’re getting closer and closer to the end. After this, there’s only one more major mission to complete. The collectibles are especially tricky to get in Chapter 8 because you’re meant to stay completely stealthy for almost the entire mission. You won’t get into many firefights, and it’s actually pretty easy to stay hidden. To complete the checklist, you might have to clear out each area — so I recommend saving your collectibles run for a later replay session.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide | Chapter 8: Taiga

There are two types of collectibles in Metro Exodus; diary pages and postcards

Find all 70 diary pages and all 21 postcards to unlock the ‘Librarian‘ and ‘Old World Pictures‘ achievements / trophies.

  • Postcard #15: Right after washing up, enter the small house directly to the right of the statue with the stalker bow. Enter the second room, and look on the cabinet in the back-left for the postcard. Use your lighter to clear the spider webs in the room.
  • Diary #44: Go to the front gate of the starting household. Through the open gate, look for a bolt with a diary page stuck to the wood.
  • Diary #45: Entering the children’s camp, go past the Lenin statue and enter the schoolhouse. Straight ahead from the entrance door, there’s a diary on the school desk.
  • Postcard #16: At the bridge, you’ll encounter the Pirate gang. Drop down and go left, then turn left again at the tree trunk to enter the building in the children’s camp from the ruined fence. The postcard is in the room at the end of the hall, on the right side of the book shelf.
  • Diary #46: Cross the bridge into the forest tribe compound and enter the green-painted house to the right of the main entrance. From the entrance to the building, look in the office to the right to find a diary on the desk.
  • Diary #47: In this same camp, climb the tower with the exit zipline. The diary note is located on a crate at the top of the tower stairs.
  • Diary #48: In the forest area where you’ll hear the mutant bear in the distance, climb up into the tree house in the center of the forest. This is a safe house — the diary is on the shelf near the campfire.
  • Diary #49: Use the zipline connected to this tree house to cross the river. There’s a small encampment with a single forest tribe member. The note is on the bed in the house.
  • Diary #50: In the same forest area, follow the main road along the river to a cabin surrounded by wooden spike fortifications. The diary is on a crate inside.
  • Diary #51: Move toward the exit of the forest area and look on the rock walls to the left — before leaving the forest enclosure, enter the small cabin in a cave. The diary is on a desk inside.
  • Diary #52: After reacquiring your backpack from the forest tribe, approach the larger pioneer camp. Look left for a small house off the main road. There’s a note on the stone chimney.
  • Diary #53: In the large pioneer camp, look for the large campfire in the center, on a raised platform. Next to this, there’s a cabin with a diary page on the table.
  • Diary #54: Leaving the pioneer camp, you’ll enter a canyon that leads to a cave tunnel. There’s a note next to the campfire in the tunnel.
  • Diary #55: Continue through the underground tunnel until you find a dead body with a diary on the ground next to it.
  • Postcard #17: Enter the house on the hill that’s covered in moss in the bandit-controlled territory — it’s the one that’s above the large broken gate of the abandoned village. The postcard is to the left of the doorway that leads into the bedroom.
  • Diary #56: Leave the village through the busted “front” gates that lead to an old road on the river. From this road, go right to find a dead body with a diary page. The page is on the table of the small camp.
  • Diary #57: Before entering the gates to the church and encountering the boss, look for this diary near the dead body to the right of the entrance.
  • Diary #58: Leaving the church, you’ll drop to a cliffside with a small gazebo camp. There’s a diary in this gazebo, with the zipline leading toward the pirate’s swamp base.
  • Diary #59: Before you can leave the pirate’s swamp base, you’ll need to use a lever to raise the exit gate for your raft. The diary is on a table, in the first floor of the building with the exit lever.
  • Postcard #18: The postcard is located on the wall to the right just as you enter the Admiral’s room.
  • Diary #60: After restoring power in the underground facility, you’ll be able to use the bunker door switch. Down the next hallway, there’s a body on the ground with a diary.
  • Diary #61: Before the final battle at the end of the chapter, you’ll walk through an abandoned village. Enter the second house on the right to get two collectibles — the diary on the table straight ahead from the entrance, and a postcard.
  • Postcard #19: The postcard is in the same house. It’s in the second room, near the door.