Anthem: Here’s The Best Way To Farm For High Level Loot | Loot Cave 2.0 Guide

[UPDATE: And, this treasure farming method has been officially nerfed. The treasure chests will still appear, but you’re much less likely to find high level loot. Instead, players are doing Strongholds — loading into the map, getting the first chest, and quitting.]

Anthem is a loot shooter — you run around shooting enemies and (hopefully) get better loot. The loot system works differently than other games. Higher quality loot is really just higher level loot; you’re always striving for the best stuff, and originally it seemed that the best way to earn loot was by completing difficult Stronghold missions with friends.

It’s only been a few days, but players have discovered an alternate method that makes collecting vast amounts of loot incredibly easy to accomplish. It’s all about farming treasure chests in the open world — and you can even make those chests drop higher-level gear.

According to some players, this is actually the best way to earn gear. Even better than strongholds, or events, or anything else. All you need to do is learn the locations of treasure chests, track them down, grab them all in order, and then reset your run.

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Best Way To Farm For High Level Loot | Loot Cave 2.0 Guide

There’s been an updateBioware issued a Hotfix, essentially nerfing the treasure hunting method in free roam. Now, free roam treasure chests drop high level loot rarely. This method still works, but there is a lower chance of getting good loot.

Instead of hunting down chests in free roam, there’s a new alternate method used by players. Here’s how it works.

  • Jump into the first Stronghold mission.
  • Collect the first chest.
  • Quit.

And that’s it. The loot table for Stronghold chests is still strong, and hasn’t been nerfed yet.

The Old Method

See that map? That’s the best route to take to farm for tons of chests. Chests respawn every time you reload the map in Anthem. Run through the locations, grab the loot, then reset the chests by reloading the Free Play event.

There’s just one caveat — chests don’t always appear. Chests literally always appear in the same spots, but the chests are divided up among the players that spawn into an instance. Not every chest on the map will appear in your particular instance — but it might appear the next time you log in. Either way, it’s a whole lot of chests. Just visit the spots and move on if there’s no chest in sight.

  • To really improve your chest hunting abilities, turn up the difficulty to Hard / Grandmaster / Grandmaster 2 / etc.
    • The higher the difficulty, the better loot you’ll get from chest drops.
    • Grandmaster and beyond difficulty will unlock after you complete the campaign.

Grandmaster and higher difficulty gives you much better loot. You don’t need to fight enemies — just fly around, stay near the water to control you heat, and grab the chests. You’ll be rolling in loot in no time flat.