We all knew that Anthem would be making its presence during EA Play’s press conference this year. This will be BioWare’s upcoming RPG title and during the conference, we got a brand new look at the video game. The trailer didn’t really offer anything that we didn’t know about the game so already. Mankind is left in a hostile world where players take the role of a Freelancer which grants access to Javelins. Essentially, Javelins are advanced armor suits that will allow players to freely explore the open world while also offering abilities to take out the hostile enemies.

There will be gameplay for both single player and multiplayer with a total of four squad members. Likewise, during the conference, BioWare did confirm that the game will not offer any loot boxes but there will be options to buy cosmetics. As for the release date, players can pick up a copy on February 22, 2019. If you’re looking for some fine details regarding the game then check out our video posted above.