Anthem: How To Enhance Your Favorite Weapons & Skills | Blueprints Guide

Weapons and cooldown skills can be upgraded in Anthem — and you might not even know it. I’m not talking about finding better loot, which is also something that happens, but actually upgrading a particular weapon or gear item in your current inventory. The game doesn’t exactly explain how this process works, and you might not even realize it’s possible after playing the game for many, many hours.

Here, I’m going to break it down and explain how the enhancement system works. You can upgrade your favorite gear abilities or weapons, and it’s a great way to keep using your favorites — and favorite combos — without swapping to different powers after every few levels of loot grinding. It’s a method that rewards you for continuing to use your favorites. Obviously, you can still swap around and search for the perfect gear, but this method is handy for all that stuff you don’t really want to give up.

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How To Enhance Your Favorite Weapons & Skills | Blueprints Guide


Open your menu, and you’ll be able to find specific challenges for your weapons / gear. “Gear” items are equippable cooldown skills, and you’ll find many of them as you progress in the game. Gear isn’t upgraded through XP or a skill menu — all of that used to be in the game, but it’s all be replaced with loot drops and the challenge menu.

Every weapon / gear item will have a series of challenges you can complete. Complete them all to unlock an enhanced Blueprint, and a new set of challenges to complete. You’ll need to finish them all to get the blueprint, and you can continue to grind challenges for better blueprints.

The blueprint you earn for completing gear / weapon challenges will always be a blueprint for that particular gear. Usually it’s something simple, like complete 4 missions with the gear equipped. You’ll get a blueprint for every challenge you complete, but won’t start earning improved blueprints until you complete all the challenges.

Sounds complicated? It really isn’t, and it’s a good way to continue pushing your loadout further, letting you keep what you like and ditch what you don’t. Even with all that effort, you still might find a better version of the same gear as you level up, so always be on the lookout, and give everything you find a try. It can’t hurt.