Sony Officially Drops Price For Both Detroit: Become Human & Spider-Man

Looking back at the 2018 year and we’ve seen a ton of great video games both exclusives and non-exclusive. If you were a PlayStation 4 owner you had the likes of Shadow of the Colossus, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, God of War, and Tetris Effect. Included in the 2018 exclusive lineup were two other big hits, Detroit: Become Human and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Both have been received positively with critics and fans alike so chances are you already know about these two titles. However, if you were holding off on getting them then it may have just paid off as Sony has officially dropped the prices for both exclusives.

Detroit: Become Human was developed under Quantic Dream, a development studio that is known for delivering cinematic experiences with a focus on player choice. As players choose different dialogue options or decisions the game would alter the narrative and potentially change the ending you’ll receive. Within the game, players are taken to Detroit, Michigan in a futuristic world where humanity relies on human-like androids to do their bidding. Things go awry when the androids start to rebel leaving players in a narrative focused adventure with players going through the game as various characters set in this world.

Marvel’s Spider-Man was developed under Insomniac Games and tells a new narrative story of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. The character has already graduated from college and has been the New York City hero for a few years now. However, a new foe has threatened the city along with the loved ones of Peter. This game is an open-world third-person adventure where players can freely explore New York City, stop common thugs and progress through the main narrative campaign.

As mentioned both were positively received and if you haven’t purchased the games, the prices have been discounted on the Sony PlayStation Store. Detroit: Become Human is now priced at just $19.99 while Marvel’s Spider-Man can be yours for $39.99


[Source: Comic Book]