Anthem: How To Complete The Tomb Challenges Quickly & Easily | Progression Guide

Anthem is an always-online cooperative shooter from Bioware and EA, and it bears a pretty striking resemblance to other loot-based games like Destiny and The Division in its design. As a Freelancer, you’ll take jobs in an alien world, using mech-suits with flight capabilities to zip around the open map. Like those other games, you’ll slowly progress, earning loot from milestones, missions, and chests — and chests are the most valuable at all.

You’ll find chests around the freeplay area, and you can stumble into them as you explore the main story. But — eventually, you’ll have to track down 15 chests just to progress. In a strange move by the developers behind Mass Effect 1-3, you’re gated at a specific point (about Level 8) and forced to complete a series of simple challenges. Most of them are straightforward — get headshots, revive allies, etc. The trickiest involves collecting chests, but we’ll cover how to complete all the tomb challenges efficiently below.

How To Complete The Tomb Challenges Quickly & Easily | Progression Guide


At a certain point in the story, you’ll be forced to complete multiple Tomb Challenges to continue the story. Most of them are incredibly straightforward, but some are annoying — here, I’m going to give a few tips to help you complete these challenges easily. Let’s get started.

IMPORTANT: You must be in Freeplay when completing Tomb Challenges. If you’re doing missions, some of the challenges won’t count.

  • Follow the main quest line and DO NOT do anything else. Challenge requirements only begin after you’ve unlocked the quest — so anything you’ve already done won’t count.
    • Once you unlock the Tomb Challenges, quickly run through all your side quests.
  • Fly around Free Play and complete World Events with random people to bolster your numbers.
    • Completing World Events will also drop a treasure chest — so you can complete your treasure chests requirements too.

The most difficult challenges are; opening chests, and reviving allies. Annoyingly, if you’re in a team, you will not earn any treasure chests that an ally opens. You’ll have to open the chests yourself. Below, you’ll find a map of all the chests in the areas closest to Fort Tarsis.


If you’ve been playing Solo, you’ll probably need to farm for ally revives — you need to revive three allies. There are some easy ways to get this done very quickly.

  • Play any random mission on [Hard] difficulty. Set your options to Public, and you’ll almost always get plenty of players to revive.
  • If that doesn’t work, just play the Stronghold mission on [Hard] — it’s too difficult for starting players, so you’ll get plenty of revives very quickly.

And that’s about it. This is a tedious series of challenges — but you’ll have to do it to continue the main story. Weird choice, Bioware.