BioWare Has Teams Secretly Working On Mass Effect & Dragon Age

When it comes to certain development studios such as BioWare then there is obviously plenty of hype built around their video game releases. With so many hit RPG titles in their catalog, it can be a bit of a wait before your favorite franchise receives a new installment or spinoff. Likewise, because their current production, Anthem, is already shaping up to be a rather massive video game project, there’s bound to be plenty of fans growing a bit weary that their favorite franchise may be left in the dust.

That doesn’t appear to be the case as BioWare recently took to their blog in order to discuss some of their secret projects currently in the works. Within the blog post, BioWare stated that their development studio there are already other teams working on content outside of the upcoming video game release Anthem.

For instance, there is a team working on new features and content for Star Wars: The Old Republic which will make a new exciting year for the game. Likewise, there are teams secretly working away on both Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises. We’re unsure just what content is being worked on at the moment, but if you’re a fan of these franchises then we imagine this can be a bit of a relief.

“In the meantime, our Star Wars: The Old Republic team is hard at work on some amazing plans for the coming year, with new features and surprises that I think makes it the game’s most exciting year yet. And yes – we hear loud and clear the interest in BioWare doing more Dragon Age and Mass Effect, so rest assured that we have some teams hidden away working on some secret stuff that I think you’ll really like – we’re just not ready to talk about any of it for a little while…”

Regardless, Anthem is not set to release until next year so we’ll have plenty of time to wait before news starts to roll out for Dragon Age and Mass Effect fans.


[Source: BioWare]