Destiny 2: Black Armory – How To Get The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon | Exotic Quest Guide

The content updates for The Black Armory are finally almost done in Destiny 2. Now, you’re free to explore everything while hunting down the a long-awaited legendary handcannon. The Last Word is back, and earning it can be a serious pain. We’re going to make the process a little smoother with a few tips — you’ll be able to breeze through this Exotic Quest, earn The Last Word, and enjoy a not-so-difficult grinding experience. For once, earning an Exotic isn’t too bad.

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How To Get The Last Word Hand Cannon | Exotic Quest Guide

To get the Last Word Hand Cannon, travel to the Tower and talk to Drifter to begin “The Draw” quest. You’ll gain a special Hive Artifact — you’ll need to complete 5 steps to completely cleanse the artifact and complete the quest.

  • Part #1: The Cleansing
    • Kill Hive
    • Kill Hive Bosses
    • Kill Hive With Solar

Go to the nearest Escalation Protocol on Mars to spawn plenty of yellow Hive, and equip a Solar weapon to quickly knock this first step out. Return to Drifter between each part, and he’ll upgrade the artifact, giving you a new set of steps to complete.

  • Part #2: The Temptation
    • Defeat players in the Crucible.

This might be the toughest step — especially if you aren’t great at earning kills in PVP. If you die, your score will reset; so you have to play it safe and try to earn kills without dying. Play with a fireteam of friends, and do your best to avoid dying too often. If you’re fighting expert opponents, leave and try again.

  • Part #3: The Damnation
    • Complete the mission on Titan. Go to the “Ogre” Lost Sector on The Rig. As long as you’re PL 500+, you’ll be able to complete this quest.

In the Lost Sector, you’ll encounter a Hive Acolyte instead of an Ogre. To deal with it, you’ll need to defeat a pair of Hive Wizards providing the Acolyte with shields. Drop the shields, and unleash your heavy weapons on the Acolyte. Before long, more Wizards will return and re-up the Acolyte’s shields.

  • Part #4: Sullied Light
    • Collect 15 Etched Crystal (Drops from Hive Bosses)
    • Collect 50 Hive Larvae (Drops from Hive headshot kills)
    • Crucible: Kill an enemy that just killed a teammate.
    • Crucible: Kill an enemy that killed you last.

This is a pretty length step. To get the Crucible kills, just join any team game, and stick close to your teammates. You’ll also want to pay close attention to who kills you, and when. The smaller the teams, the smaller the matches, the easier it should be to earn those crucible medals.

Hunting for Etched Crystals and Hive Larvae is a little easier. Go to Titan, and you can complete Hive Ritual public events, or run the “Ogre” Lost Sector on the Rig. The boss Ogre at the end will drop Etched Crystals, and regular enemies will (sometimes) drop Hive Larvae when you get headshot kills. Just keep rinsing and repeating.

  • Part #5: The Conversation
    • Complete the quest in the Tangled Shore.

The quest is mainly pretty straightforward, but leads to an interesting encounter. You’ll reach a pressure plate and get the The Last Word — stand on the plate and charge it until “Draw!” appears on the progress meter. When you get the gun, aim for the gun in Enkaar’s hand — the one that’s glowing. If you’re too slow, you’ll die in the duel.

Repeat this step three times on three different plates. Another Enkaar will appear at each station, so be prepared to shoot 1, 2, and 3 guns. Finish the challenge, and The Last Word is your’s.

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