Destiny 2: Forsaken – Last Wish Raid Guide | How To Beat Every Boss & Puzzle Encounter

After you finish the campaign, the story isn’t over yet — a new threat has appeared, and you can face it in The Last Wish, a new raid included in Destiny 2: Forsaken. This is a challenging, multi-step, six-person mission that sends you after the mysterious Riven. The Raid is recommended for Guardians with PL 550, so you’ll need to start hunting Prime / Powerful Engrams if you want to survive each difficult encounter.

It also helps to know what to do before you dive in. Each boss is like a puzzle, and solving it is a challenge only the hardest of the hardcore will take on by themselves. If you’re struggling and don’t know what it takes to bring a boss down, we’ve got all the info you need in the guide below.

Don’t miss out on everything new that’s appeared in The Dreaming City now that the Last Wish raid has been completed once. There’s a new mission, new strike, and lots of other activities everyone can join — whether you’ve finished the raid or not.

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Last Wish Raid Guide | How To Beat Every Boss & Puzzle Encounter

[COMPLETE: We’ll still drop in to update, but all steps are now complete.]

Step #1: How To Defeat Kalli, The Corrupted

The first boss of the Raid is Kalli, The Corrupted. When you enter the Tower of Opened Eyes, you’ll find plates you need to stand on that correspond with symbols that also appear in the center of the arena. Stand on (and defend) the plates, kill the six Knights that spawn, and Kalli will become vulnerable to damage.

There are small rooms all over the arena — sprint into the open doors when the timer begins that will wipe your whole team. Each room can hold a single guardian. Jump into the little rooms — when the door closes, you’ll be safe.

  • NOTE: When standing on / defending a plate, parts of the floor will glow. Stand on the area that isn’t glowing. You’ll die instantly if you’re standing on a section with an orb when it detonates.

Phase #1: When you enter the arena, look for the glowing circular symbols hanging above the boss arena. There are two symbols paired-up at three points. There are four symbols. The exterior of the room also has symbols above pads — these are the pads you need to defend.

  • NOTE: Kalli will roam the area and attack while you’re defending the plates. You can either shoot her to drive her off, or jump off the pad and reset. If you’re lower PL, just retreat.

Assign everyone in your party to a symbol, then defend the corresponding symbol’s plate. Eventually a Taken Knight will appear — kill it.

Phase #2: Kill all six knights, and you can start hurting the boss. Rush back to the center of the room and attack until a white mist appears above Kalli — that means she’s about to use her screen-clearing attack. Enter one of the small booths underneath her position to avoid an instant team-wipe.

You’ll have three periods to do damage during this phase. She’ll summon the team-wipe attack twice, and you’ll have time to damage her before / after each attack. Once you cycle through three damage periods, you’ll hit Phase 2.

Phase #3: For the third phase, you’ll need to return to the plates on the exterior of the arena and defend them again. The symbol locations will change, so find the symbol you’ve selected and defend the plate. Defeat all six Knights, and start shooting Kali again. You’ll need to repeat this process until you defeat Kalli.

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