Destiny 2: Forsaken – Last Wish Raid Guide | How To Beat Every Boss & Puzzle Encounter

Step #2: How To Defeat Shuro Chi, The Corrupted

Shuro Chi is a flying wizard that sings in her arena. You’re stuck on a tight time limit for this fight — if she completes her song, your team will be wiped. So you’ll want to move fast and wipe out the enemies quickly.

There are crystals floating around Shuro Chi. Pick them up, and shoot the laser at a teammate that’s also picked up a floating crystal — shoot the beams so that you create a complete link, hitting each teammate in the circle. When the circle is complete, you’ll remove her invulnerable shield and get an opportunity to damage her.

Doing enough damage, Shuro Chi will retreat to another circle. Follow her, link the circle with crystal beams, and eventually you’ll be transported into a platforming chamber where you’ll have to solve a puzzle. After escaping, you’ll just need to repeat the full process to defeat her.

Phase #1: As you enter the boss arena, you’ll have a swarm of Thrall and Knights to fight, and the timer for Shuro Chi’s song will begin. You have four minutes to wipe the enemies and stop her song. Around Shuro Chi, you’ll find black crystals on pads. Her timer will also increase speed once the black crystals appear.

  • NOTE: During this phase, a special Riven Knight will spawn that drops an orb. This orb can be used to slow the song, but it is not required to complete the encounter.

There are three black crystals. What you need to do is position one player on each pad. You’ll take damage while standing on the pads, so move fast. Pick up the crystal, and a beam will shoot out when holding down the fire button. Aim the beam at another player until you complete a circuit, or triangle-shape, around Shuro Chi. This will stop her song, and make Shuro Chi vulnerable to standard damage.

When the DPS phase begins, just start hitting her with everything you’ve got. When you do enough damage, Shuro Chi will teleport to a new platform. Fight through the enemies to reach her, kill Fallen until the crystals appear, and repeat the crystal puzzle.

Phase #2: After defeating Shuro Chi twice, you’ll enter the first puzzle room. There are nine symbols in a grid on the ground. There are three large symbols on the walls with sections missing — to complete the puzzle, you need to fill in the four missing sections by standing on the corresponding symbols on the floor.

  • NOTE: The positions of the floor symbols are dependent on which large wall symbol you’re facing. If you’re completing the left wall symbol, face toward it and stand on the switches that correspond with the missing sections.

Standing on the floor symbols will do damage, so find your places before stepping on the symbol. You only need four guardians to solve the puzzle, so assign the remaining two to deal with enemies that are constantly spawning into the chamber.

If you stand on a plate, then step off, it won’t activate again for the same wall symbol. You’ll need to switch wall symbols before trying again. Wait for the sections of the wall symbol to fill in, then flash and seal before stepping off.

Complete the left, center, and right wall symbols to solve the puzzle. Platforms will appear above, so climb up and repeat Phase #1. Fight the enemies, make the black crystals appear, link the beams, and damage Shuro Chi.

  • NOTE: On the second floor, a new team wipe song timer will be set.

Phase #3: And that’s everything you need to know. On each floor, the song timer will reset, giving you four minutes to take down Shuro Chi’s shields twice and solve the puzzle room. Complete the puzzle room by standing on the correct symbols to fill in the empty spaces, then climb the platforms and encounter Shuro Chi on the third floor.

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