Respawn Already Banned Over 16,000 Apex Legends Players

When it comes to battle royale video games, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is becoming the latest and greatest. This surprise video game release was a massive hit and managed to secure millions of players making it one force to reckon with. However, with any new big online video game release, there is a slew of players looking to get a quick advantage when playing. This ultimately makes the game unfair and if not handled appropriately players would start to find another title to enjoy. So when it comes to Apex Legends, it does appear that there are some cheaters online, but Respawn Entertainment is already making an attempt to clear them out.

For those unaware, Respawn Entertainment randomly sent out a brand new game called Apex Legends. This is a battle royale type of game where teams of three join together on a map and attempt to be the last group standing. Likewise, there are a variety of hero characters with their own unique abilities and attributes. This quickly became a hit online and was downloaded by millions of players.  Being a new game there are a number of cheaters online tweaking the matches in their favor and as it stands right now, there is no way of reporting players to the development team.

That doesn’t mean that Respawn Entertainment won’t be doing anything about it. Announced on Reddit, the development team is already banning players as already 16,000 player accounts have been banned from cheating. This also comes with a notice that there will be a future update where players can report accounts that are cheating for developers to review internally. With that said, if you come across a cheater online then all hope is not lost right now.

Instead of having an in-game ability to report the player, Respawn is directing players to this link. It would allow players to report accounts though before any action could really take place some proof would really be necessary. For instance, with the report, players can include a screenshot to highlight the player cheating. Regardless, if you don’t have any evidence to share, the development team will still look into the matter.

Currently, Apex Legends can be enjoyed today for free on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and lastly, the PC platforms.


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