Resident Evil 2 Remake: Ghost Survivors DLC – All 10 Mr. Raccoon Collectible Locations

Download the free Resident Evil 2 remake update to get the Ghost Survivors add-on — a new mode where you play as one of three unlockable heroes and attempt to survive the outbreak in Raccoon City. For completing challenges, you’ll be able to unlock silly hats. The best hat of the bunch is a Mr. Raccoon head, available after you’ve found and blasted all 10 Mr. Raccoon collectibles. Yep, Mr. Raccoon is back, and we’ve got the locations.

So, what is Ghost Survivors Mode exactly? It’s a lot like ‘The Fourth Survivor’ — except you can actually find items as you attempt to escape the linear, randomized path. The challenge will slightly change with each run, and the scenarios for each of the four playable characters is different. There’s a lot to unlock and explore in this simple remix mode, and I’m absolutely in love with this game, so any excuse to return and play more of it is worthwhile.

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Ghost Survivors DLC – All 10 Mr. Raccoon Collectible Locations

Shoot all 10 Mr. Raccoon collectibles found in the ‘Ghost Survivor’ scenario to unlock a Mr. Raccoon head / hat customization option. Get all the locations below.

  • Mr. Raccoon #1: No Time To Mourn – Inside the gunshop, on a high shelf in the back-right corner.
  • Mr. Raccoon #2: No Time To Mourn – In the Machine Area’s Underground Facility, look on the machinery in the center while crossing the catwalks.
  • Mr. Raccoon #3: No Time To Mourn – In the Sewers, go to the Upper Waterway and return to the (now) dead end where Leon first slid down into the sewer area. Look up and left to spot the Mr. Raccoon on a barrel.
  • Mr. Raccoon #4: No Time To Mourn – Past the Ivy plant zombie, you’ll spot this Mr. Raccoon down a pipe.
  • Mr. Raccoon #5: Runaway – In the Basketball Court, on the red benches in the back.
  • Mr. Raccoon #6: Runaway – On the main street outside the RPD, look in the open ambulance.
  • Mr. Raccoon #7: Runaway – At the Jail, unlock the side passage of cells — look in the center cell.
  • Mr. Raccoon #8: Forgotten Soldier – Here’s a tricky one. After riding the elevator up, look down at the girders under the catwalk straight ahead. There’s a very easy to miss Mr. Raccoon down there.
  • Mr. Raccoon #9: Forgotten Soldier – Once you reach the NEST Lobby, go to the Security Room and look on the desk.
  • Mr. Raccoon #10: No Way Out – In the final scenario, you’re trapped in the gas station. Once the back door breaks open, you’ll be able to see the Mr. Raccoon in the back hallway.