Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Open Every Optional Lock & Safe | Code Solutions Guide

As you explore the ruined remains of a post-epidemic Raccoon City, you’ll discover something totally new in Resident Evil 2 Remake. In addition to the normal puzzles we’ve all come to expect from the franchise, you’ll also find completely optional locks and safes. These skippable locks sometimes contain incredibly useful gear that you won’t want to miss.

Finding (and opening) every optional lock or safe will earn you the “Master of Unlocking” achievement / trophy, which is a reference to an infamous line of dialogue from the original Resident Evil, where hotshot cop Barry informs protagonist Jill Valentine that she’s the “master of unlocking” because she starts the game with a lockpick. You might not have a lockpick, but you can become a master of unlocking with the full list of skippable lock / safe solutions below.

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How To Open Every Optional Lock & Safe | Code Solutions Guide

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Safes and lockers are special, optional puzzles you don’t need to solve to progress in the game. But, these optional lockers / safes contain bonus items for you to collect. Here’s a full list of solutions for all skippable safes / locks.

NOTE: To input safe combinations, always turn the dial RIGHT, LEFT, then RIGHT. Or, CLOCKWISE, COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, then CLOCKWISE.

  • Lock #1: 1F West Office – In the locked desk, in the center of the office. Input the codes NED (left) and MRG (right). Contains the High-Capacity Mag for the Matilda.
  • Lock #2: 1F West Office – In the same room, you’ll find a safe in the smaller office. Input the code 9-15-7 to unlock the safe and gain a Hip Pouch upgrade.
  • Lock #3: 2F Shower Room – Input the code CAP to unlock. Contains Shotgun Shells.
  • Lock #4: 3F Stairwell – Down the hall from the top of the stairs in the northeast corner. Input the code DCM to open. Contains MAG Ammo.
  • Lock #5: 2F Waiting Room – Input the code 6-2-11 to unlock the safe. Contains the Muzzle Brake upgrade for the Matilda.
  • Lock #6: Sewers, Control Room – Input the code SZF to unlock the dial lock. Contains MAG Ammo.
  • Lock #7: Sewers, Treatment Pool Room – Input the code 2-12-8 in the safe in the southern edge of the room. Contains the Shotgun Stock for the W-870.

Unlock all these locks to earn the “Master of Unlocking” achievement / trophy.