Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Beat Every Boss | Boss Tips & Tricks Guide

There’s more than just a few zombies infesting Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Lickers, G-Embryos, and very large lizards are prowling around every corner of this fallen city. Between each major area, there’s a titanic encounter with a boss — usually the ever-evolving monster that’s at the heart of the outbreak. These guys are all challenging, but they can be brought down with the right combination of wits and firepower.

Each boss has a particular weakness, and using the right strategy will help you save a whole bunch of ammo or healing items. It helps to bring everything you’ve got to fight these big bads, and we’re here to help. Whether you’re just curious and want a good look at the strange creatures you’ll encounter, or need some legit tips to take them down, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for individual tips and tricks for each boss battle.

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How To Beat Every Boss | Boss Tips & Tricks Guide

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G [Stage 1]

The first form of William Birkin, codenamed “G”, appears when Leon or Claire arrives in the Underground Facility. This version of Birkin, he’s only partially transformed, with a monstrous right arm. He stalks you through the arena, attempting to swipe or stab you. If he corners you, he’ll grab you for a deadly stab attack.

  • General Tips:
    • Aim for the eye! Shoot Birkin’s head / shoulder until the eye appears. If you damage G enough, he’ll be stunned and the eye will appear. Save your best guns for the eye.
    • Equip a Combat Knife to protect yourself against Birkin’s grab attack. You can stab his arm and escape.
    • If you’re cornered, equip a grenade or flash grenade to stun him.
    • There are four item caches around the arena — you’ll find grenades, flash grenades, ammo, and health. Wait for G to be stunned, or prepare a flash grenade before collecting these items.
    • Avoid getting cornered! Weave through the passages and give yourself plenty of room to run away.

G [Stage 2]

This shorter battle occurs after restoring power in the Sewers. Once you solve the Chess Piece puzzle, you’ll be ambushed by G. It claws through the ceiling, then chases you to a construction platform. To defeat it, you’ll need to aim for the eyes until it is stunned, then hit the switch to slam Birkin with a shipping container. Hit him twice, and the battle it over.

  • General Tips:
    • In the first phase, avoid the holes Birkin has already clawed through. He’s much faster to attack. Continue sprinting, and stay away from the fire. Eventually, Birkin will break through and you’ll be able to escape.
    • Birkin is very aggressive once you reach the shipping container platform. Weave right when he attacks and right off-kilter with him to avoid his attacks. He’s much faster, so give yourself plenty of room to maneuver.
    • Aim for the eye again! This time, it is always available. Blast it until Birkin falls to one knee. He’ll be stunned long enough to hit the switch and slam a shipping container into him. If you do it twice, you’ll win the battle.
    • You can also save ammo and lure Birkin into the shipping container zone. It takes a long time for the container to hit him, so hit the switch, rush to the opposite side, then sprint back. Drop a grenade or flash grenade for a short stun. Just be careful — if you get hit by the shipping container, it’s an instant death.

G [Stage 3]

The third form of G is a massive, powerful monster. He appears after Leon / Claire recovers the G-Virus Sample. It’s fast, strong, and can kill you very quickly if you aren’t careful. Beware it’s lunge attack, and be prepared to shoot out the three eyes on its body. There are two eyes on the front, and one on the back. Shoot all three to expose a weak point. Two rounds will expose the weak point permanently.

  • General Tips:
    • Birkin is incredibly aggressive in this fight. You’ll very likely want to bring at one or two full healing items your first time. There are more healing items and ammo in the area.
    • Use precision weapons — the standard pistol — to poke out all three eyes on Birkin. Shoot the small eye on the front and large eye first. Save the third eye for when Birkin attempts to throw debris ripped from the lab. That’s your easiest chance to both stun him and take the eye out.
    • If you shoot out all three eyes, his weak point will appear. Use the Magnum, Shotgun, or any extremely powerful weapon to deliver direct damage to Birkin. Expose the weak point twice and use powerful weapons, and the weak point will become exposed permanently.
    • Once the weak point is permanently exposed, the battle is almost over. Just keep unloading ammo into the weak spot until Birkin is downed for good.

Super Tyrant

At the end of Leon A-Scenario, you’ll face off against the terrifying Super Tyrant. This is the hardest boss in the game, so go into the fight prepared. Stock all the healing items and ammo you can carry. You’ll want to bring at least one flash grenade and save it for the end of the fight. His head is still vulnerable, but the beating heart is his true weak spot.

NOTE: If you survive for 1:30 — Ada will automatically throw you the rocket launcher. As long as you survive long enough, you don’t even need to use any ammo. One shot is all you need.

  • General Tips:
    • Mix Blue Herbs with Green+Red Herbs to fortify yourself in this fight. While fortified, Leon will run faster and take slightly less damage from attacks.
    • Aim for the heart! The heart is the weakest point, and doing enough damage to the heart will cause the Tyrant to flinch or become stunned.
    • As the fight progresses, debris will fall onto the elevator platform. Sprint and use the debris to slow down Tyrant — you can put the debris between yourself and Tyrant to get in some safe shots.
    • Watch out! When Tyrant attacks and destroys debris, it can damage you. Don’t stand too close to the rocks.
    • Late in the fight, after a wall of debris makes the arena smaller, the Tyrant will bend down and charge his instakill attack. Do damage to Tyrant to stun him, or throw a flash grenade to instantly interrupt his attack.
    • After interrupting this attack, he should be down for the count. Only a little more damage and Ada will throw Leon an Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher. Use it to splatter the Super Tyrant and end the fight.

G [Stage 4]

Claire’s final boss is a challenging, lengthy fight against a fast opponent. G moves quickly, and clings to the walls before dive-bombing straight for you. It will also charge across the room — you’ll be able to use the train car in the center to block its attacks. When it’s about to lunge, running around the corner of the train car is a safe bet. The cluster of eyes on the monster’s chest is his only weak point.

  • General Tips:
    • There’s a minigun for you to collect here. Grab it and all the ammo you can. You’ll need more than the 400 shots in the minigun’s magazine to bring down Birkin.
    • Only aim for the eyes on his chest. You can damage him, but it’s very low compared to his weak spot. Don’t make my mistake and shoot him in the back with the minigun — it’s better to aim for the chest and do the maximum amount of damage.
    • No matter what, this fight can feel like a slog. You might end up using almost all your ammo to bring Birkin down.

G [Stage 5]

The final stage of G only appears at the end of Leon or Claire’s [B-Scenario] story. The all-encompassing mass of flesh that is G slowly consumes the train car you’re in. All you can do is back away and hide against the back wall, using every shot you can against him. Try to be frugal, and aim for the mouth — when the eye appears, unleash everything you’ve got into the eat to finally defeat Birkin and end the game for good.