Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Hip Pouch Locations | Inventory Expansion Guide

Resident Evil 2 Remake solves one of the most annoying aspects of the old-school survival horror genre. Finally, you can expand your inventory. Rarely, you’ll be able to find upgrades that instantly enhance the amount of inventory slots for your current character. There are only six of these inventory upgrade pouches available in the entire game, and some of them are pretty tricky to find.

To give you the biggest inventory possible, here’s where to find all six Hip Pouches. Each pouch gives you +2 inventory, so that’s a total of +12 if you find them all. That’s not half bad, and it makes future speedruns a whole lot easier. Get enough inventory space, and you won’t have to make constant trips back to the inventory box to swap key items. It’s incredibly useful. Learn all the locations with the guide below.

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All Pouch Locations | Inventory Expansion Guide

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Small Pouches give Leon and Claire +2 bonus inventory slots. This is a permanent upgrade. You can find up to six inventory expansion items in Raccoon City.

  • Pouch #1: 1F West Office – Inside the safe in the small office. Input the code 9-15-7 to unlock it.
  • Pouch #2: 3F West Storage Room / 1F Main Hall – On a desk in the back of the area. Next to a note. Alternatively, in B-Scenario, appears on the reception desk in the Main Hall.
  • Pouch #3: Underground Facility, Operator’s Room – In the locker, next to the typewriter.
  • Pouch #4: 1F Safety Deposit Room – Locate the two Portable Safes and find the parts to repair the terminal. Input 2 and 3.
    • Portable Safe #1: Police Station 2F – In the steamy locker room. Find it in the corner. Input the buttons in the correct order to get the first Spare Part.
    • Portable Safe #2: 2F Linen Room – Through the Diamond Key door, the second Portable Safe contains the second Spare Part.
  • Pouch #5: Sewers Workroom Lift – Use the T-Bar to raise the shutter, then ride the lift up. The pouch is located in the room above.
  • Pouch #6: Laboratory Nap Room – Restore power to the Nap Room, and you’ll find the Pouch in the bunk to the back-right. This same bunk also contains a Mr. Raccoon.