Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Hint Film Roll Locations | ‘Treasure Hunter’ Guide

Film rolls return to Resident Evil 2 Remake, but these have been remixed to help you solve some obscure puzzles. One in particular, titled ‘Hiding Place’ will reward you with a very secretive weapon upgrade part — and unlock the ‘Treasure Hunter’ achievement / trophy. There are only a couple film rolls, but each one helps you solve a tricky puzzle. They’re all puzzles that didn’t appear in the old game, either.

The hint film rolls will help you unlock weapon upgrade parts, get a new powerful gun, or just lead you to some extra ammo. They’re all a little twisty, so whether you’re lost and need help finding the clues, or just want a solution to the puzzle itself, we’ve got you covered. The locations in RE2 get pretty stressful, so I don’t blame anyone for giving up when a certain someone keeps reappearing to ruin your day.

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All Hint Film Roll Locations | ‘Hiding Place’ Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for screenshots and video.]

Hint Film Rolls are rare items you can find that present solutions to puzzles. The final hint film roll points out an otherwise impossible-to-get item located in the STARS Office. After collecting a hint film roll, travel to the Dark Room in the RPD Building to develop the photo.

  • Hint Film #1: Commemorative Photo
    • Location: 1F Safety Deposit Room – Type [106] into the keypad to unlock the corresponding locker with the hint film inside.
    • Puzzle Solution: Once developed, the hint film shows the book / hand configuration for the statue with the scepter in the 2F Art Room. Combine the Red Book [2F Library] into the statue hand [1F Library] and place it on the statue to get the Scepter, which is used to open the Gem Box [1F Interrogation Room], which contains the STARS Badge you can transform (examine) and place on the PC in the [2F STARS Office] to unlock the Magnum / MQ-11 SMG.
  • Hint Film #2: 3F Locker Photo
    • Location: B1 Firing Range – Unlock the door to the office in the Firing Range after collecting the Diamond Key [B1 Morgue].
    • Puzzle Solution: The photo shows the combination for the dial lock way back in the 3F Stairwell hallway. The combo is [DCM]. It’s just upstairs from the Dark Room.
  • Hint Film #3: Hiding Spot
    • Location: Upper Sewers, Work Room – Once you reach the Work Room, you’ll be able to find the Hiding Spot camera roll in the Sewers. You’ll need to use the T-Bar to return to the Police Station to collect your reward.
    • Puzzle Solution: Develop the photo to see two secret hiding spots in the RPD.
      • Return to the 2F STARS Office, then search the drawer shown by the photo to discover a powerful weapon upgrade part. Leon gets Magnum Red-Dot Sight, and Claire gets an SMG Silencer.
      • The other photo shows a drawer in the 1F Press Room.

Complete the Hiding Spot film roll and you’ll unlock the ‘Treasure Hunter’ achievement / trophy. Happy hunting!