Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Mr. Raccoons Locations | Collectibles Guide

There’s a whole new collectible in Raccoon City that you can collect — and if you’ve played any of the most recent Resident Evil games, this should be pretty familiar. Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 all feature collectibles you need to shoot. Resident Evil 2 Remake has it’s own variant; the fuzzy, friendly mascot of Raccoon City.

There are only 15 Mr. Raccoons total to find in the undead-infested burg, but you’ll need to play multiple scenarios to find them all. Each story campaign gives you access to certain unreachable areas that are exclusive to your particular character. Most are located in shared areas, but just a handful are exclusive. Below, you’ll find the map locations and exact descriptions to find each and every Mr. Raccoon, and earn two trophies / achievements for your troubles.

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All Mr. Raccoons Locations | Collectibles Guide

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Mr. Raccoons are special collectibles hidden around the map. To collect them, you’ll need to shoot them. Shoot them all to unlock the “Vermin Extermination” and “Complete Vermin Extermination” achievements / trophies.

NOTE: You’ll also unlock the INFINITE COMBAT KNIFE for shooting all 15 Mr. Raccoons.

Leon A / B Story

  • Mr. Raccoon #1: 1F West Office – On the north wall, sitting on some boxes on top of a cabinet.
  • Mr. Raccoon #2: 2F S.T.A.R.S. Office – On an empty desk near the southern wall of the room, behind a box and monitor.
  • Mr. Raccoon #3: B1 Firing Range – Down range, under the fallen target on the left side.
  • Mr. Raccoon #4: 1F Break Room – Next to the bed, behind the brown bag.
  • Mr. Raccoon #5: 2F Art Room Hallway – Open the shutter with the crank. The raccoon is on a table next to the stairs.
  • Mr. Raccoon #6: 3F Clock Tower Hallway – Go to the west hallway through the Clock Tower room. Down the hall, you’ll find the Raccoon in the window, on the left.
  • Mr. Raccoon #7: Sewer Entrance – After the crocodile boss, turn around and look behind the pile of garbage to spot this raccoon.
  • Mr. Raccoon #8: Sewer Incinerator – While playing as Ada, look in the back-left corner of the room. It’s on the floor.
  • Mr. Raccoon #9: Bottom Waterway – Exiting the waterway, find the stairs leading up with a metal table to the left, near an open door. The Mr. Raccoon is behind the table.
  • Mr. Raccoon #10: Laboratory Cafeteria – Near the kitchen window, on a table.
  • Mr. Raccoon #11: Laboratory Nap Room – Restore power to the Nap Room, and the bunks will open. It’s in the last bunk to the right.

Clair A / B Story

  • Mr. Raccoon #12: East Storage Room – After unlocking the Heart Key door, look on the storage shelf to the left.
  • Mr. Raccoon #13: Basketball Court – On the dash of the prison bus, in the parking lot behind the RPD building.
  • Mr. Raccoon #14: Orphanage Front Hall – From the Front Hall, go upstairs and enter the 2F room on the left. The Raccoon is in one of the cubbies, right in front of you as you enter.

Leon / Claire B Story Exclusive

  • Mr. Raccoon #15: Police Station Entrance – Near the entrance, go down and up the stairs and look in the back-left of the planter.