Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Solve Every Puzzle | All Solutions Guide

There are puzzles galore to solve in Resident Evil 2, and the remake changes up the classic game’s formula with a variety of altered challenges. You’ll follow the same trajectory as the old game, generally, but the substance of the puzzles is often completely different. It’s easy to get lost, and if you’re ever stumped, we’ve got all the answers for you. Keep scrolling to find solutions for every puzzle in the game — that includes puzzles exclusive to Leon, Claire, and the B-Scenario.

The B-Scenario, or second playthrough, features remixed puzzles that are harder to solve. It isn’t just a copy/paste redo either. Some of the puzzles are far more complex, or require a lot more exploration to discover hints. We’re foregoing explanations and hints here — this is all about the solution. Check the description under each puzzle for a full solution, or look for screenshots and match the layout to reach your solution.

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How To Solve Every Puzzle | All Solutions Guide

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To progress in RE2R, you’ll need to solve puzzles. This guide is specifically for showing you how to solve all the required puzzles that are in your path — and only the puzzles that you can interact with. This isn’t about key locations or key items — although, sometimes you’ll need those too.

Puzzles are remixed in B-Scenario, so make sure to check both solutions.

The 3 Medallions

To open the path at the Goddess Statue, you’ll need to collect three medallions. Each medallion is embedded in a statue. To get the medallion, you must input the correct code into each statue location.

  • Lion Statue: 2F Main Hall
    • Solution (A-Scenario): Lion Head, Branch, Eagle
    • Solution (B-Scenario): Crown, Hearth Fire, Soaring Bird
  • Unicorn Statue: 2F Lounge
    • Solution (A-Scenario): Double Fish, Scorpion, Water Pot
    • Solution (B-Scenario): Twin Faces, Scales, Earthworm
  • Maiden Statue: 3F West Storage Room
    • To Unlock: Place the Battery in the Detonator and set into the C4.
    • Solution (A-Scenario): Woman’s Head, Bow, Snake
    • Solution (B-Scenario): Ram Head, Harp, Bird

Place all three medallions into the slots at the 1F Main Hall goddess statue to unlock the secret room.

Finding The Power Panel Parts

Both Leon and Claire will need to find power panel parts — Leon needs them to unlock the B1 Jail, while Claire needs them to unlock the 2F Private Gallery.

  • Leon’s B1 Generator Room Switchboard Puzzle: Leon encounters a switchboard in the B1 Generator Room. To restore power to the area and unlock the door that leads back to RPD F1.
    • Solution: Flip switches #3 and #4.

Leon will find the Power Panel Parts in two locations — the B1 Generator Room, and the 3F Clock Tower. Collect the Large Gear from 3F West Storage Room.

  • Leon’s B1 Jail Power Panel Puzzle: After entering both Power Parts into the Power Panel in the B1 Jail, you’ll need to connect the power up. Match the image shown above for the solution.

Claire has her own Power Panel Puzzle. The 3F Clock Tower still contains a Power Part, and you’ll still find the Large gear in the 3F West Storage Room. The second Power Part is also locked in the 3F West Storage Room, through the Heart door.

  • Claire’s F2 Private Gallery Power Panel Puzzle:
    • Solution [B-Scenario]: After entering both Power Parts into the Power Panel in F2 Private Gallery, you’ll need to connect the power up. Match the image shown above for the solution.

The Chess Pieces Puzzle

In the Sewers, you’ll need to collect three missing chess pieces to unlock the door in the Sewers Monitor Room. Both Leon and Claire have identical puzzles, but the solution to the main door puzzle changes in B-Scenario.

  • Missing Chess Pieces:
    • King & Queen Pieces: The king and queen are located in the Supplies Storage Room. Use the Queen piece to unlock the door to the King piece, then take the King piece and drop down.
    • Recollect the Queen piece, use it on the exit door, then open the alternate door with the King piece. Now you can collect both and leave.
    • The Flamethrower and Sparkshot are located in this area! Don’t forget to use the plugs and get this useful weapon. The Flamethrower appears for Leon, the Sparkshot appears for Claire.

After collecting the three missing chess plugs, return to the Sewers Monitor Room. You’ll need to place the Chess Pieces into the correct slots to open the door. Check the paper on the wall for a hint.

  • Sewers Monitor Room Chess Piece Puzzle:
    • Solution [A-Scenario]: Left: Bishop, Rook, Knight / Right: Pawn, King, Queen
    • Solution [B-Scenario]: Left: Queen, Bishop, King / Right: Pawn, Rook, Knight

Place the chess pieces into the correct slots to unlock the door. It leads down to another Switchboard puzzle.

  • Monitor Room Switchboard Puzzle:
    • Solution: Flip switches #1, #2, #4.

Laboratory Greenhouse Herbicide Puzzle

In the laboratory, Leon / Claire will need to collect a special item from a dead scientist trapped by a giant plant. To get rid of the plant, you’ll need to release a herbicide into the greenhouse. Before you can even start mixing the plant poison, you’ll need to unlock some doors from Greenhouse Control Room.

  • Greenhouse Control Room Codes: The buttons on the control room are strange symbols. Just imagine the buttons are numbered like a standard keypad.
    • Solutions [A-Scenario]: 3-1-2-3 / 2-0-6-7
    • Solutions [B-Scenario]: 2-0-4-8 / 5-8-3-1

After unlocking the ladder in the Greenhouse and the drug mixer in the Drug Testing Labs, you’ll be able to continue. Collect the Dispersal Cartridge from the Control Room, and take it to the Drug Testing Lab.

  • Drug Testing Lab Mixture Puzzle: You need to mix the perfect amount of solution — it must reach the red dotted line. Press the three buttons in this exact order to solve the puzzle
    • Solution [A-Scenario]: Red -> Green -> Blue -> Red -> Green -> Blue -> Red -> Green
    • Solution [B-Scenario]: Blue -> Red -> Green -> Red -> Blue -> Red -> Blue -> Green -> Blue -> Red -> Green

Once you have the filled Dispersal Cartridge, rush down stairs using the ladder and place it in the refrigeration unit. You’ll need to restore power to the lower area before solving this puzzle. Once the mix is chilled, you can place it in the Greenhouse Monitoring Room device to kill all the plants.

Sherry Scenario Block Puzzle

To escape the room in Sherry’s scenario, you’ll need to collect a block, then place it and match the symbols. Collect the stuffed toy, and examine it — on the back, you’ll find the hidden block. The block is randomized, so just use the image above. Match the symbols as they appear in the screenshot to solve the puzzle.