Resident Evil 2 Remake: All Key Items Locations | RPD Unlocking Guide

Weird keys are just one of those Resident Evil quirks. Every place a RE protagonist visits will inevitably be a puzzle-filled funhouse, with weird doors requiring weirder keys. There are four color-coded keys in Resident Evil 2 Remake, and if you want to fully explore the massive municipal building, you’re going to need all of them. These keys are required to progress, so you really can’t miss them, but you might be asking yourself — “Where is the Heart key?” or “Where is the Spade key?” — especially if you’re lost and confused.

Be lost no more. We’ve got the exact locations for all four key types in the complete guide below. If you’re sick of back-tracking into deadly zombie-infested territory and don’t want to get your neck chewed off by angry undead, you just might want to consult all the locations listed below. Two of the keys are totally unique to their protagonists, so you’ll never be able to collect all four keys in a single run.

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All Key Items Locations | RPD Unlocking Guide

To open every door in the RPD station, you’ll need to find four special keys. The keys are; the Spade, the Diamond, the Club, and the Heart. Two of the keys are exclusive to specific characters, while the other two can be found by both characters.

Spade Key

  • 3F Stairwell – The key is located on the third floor, up the stairs from the Dark Room. On the third floor, look on the desk in the room with the menacing mannequin shadow.

Diamond Key

  • B1 Morgue – In the shelf, in the back wall. Open the body storage cabinet that’s one spot from the left-most. Pull open the cabinet, and a body will jump out. Grab the key before running away!

Club Key [Leon Only]

  • 1F Boiler Room – After acquiring the T-Bar and reaching the exterior balcony, take the stairs down from the crashed chopper and enter the back room of the maintenance room. The key is taped to the whiteboard inside.

Heart Key [Claire Only]

  • 2F Private Collection – Leaving the Parking Garage, or entering Chief Iron’s office, you’ll be able to enter the Private Collection room. In the back, there’s a picture in a frame — examine the picture to collect the Heart key.