The Witcher Netflix Showrunner Says Series Is Not For Children

There is plenty of concern over Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher. A popular video game franchise has a massive fan base which certainly has reason to be concerned out the production handles the source material. Of course, with that said, the folks who are working on The Witcher Netflix series is hoping that it delivers on the expectations of the fans who enjoyed the games, but fan outcry can be a bit much. In an attempt to ease some concern over the story being watered down to appeal for a wider audience, Lauren Hissrich, the showrunner behind The Witcher, has taken to Twitter to make a quick comment.

Don’t expect The Witcher to be something suitable to play in front of children, Lauren Hissrich has made note on Twitter that she just watched a cut of the upcoming series and that it’s certainly not something she can recommend a child would be able to enjoy. This could mean that the production is taking care of the deep lore without cutting corners to bring out a more suitable rating for audiences younger than seventeen.

Seeing how that the series will have a mature tone, it may help ease some fans but there is still plenty of backlash over the series. For instance, we have heard the outcry over some of the casting choices which alters the race of a character to even the choice of using Henry Cavill as the leading protagonist, Geralt. So far, there isn’t a firm release date attached to when the Netflix adaptation will finally hit the streaming service. For now, we will have to wait for a teaser trailer to release in order to see just how the series will look along with the feel and tone the production team was going for.

[Source: Twitter]