Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Find The ‘Rising Rookie’ Easter Egg | Secrets Guide

Capcom always includes a few Easter eggs in its Resident Evil games. Some of them are harder to find than others — a playable Hunk and Tofu were revealed in a pre-release trailer, but this hidden photo roll remained a secret. If you search a very particular spot, you’ll be able to find a film roll. Take it to a dark room for processing, and you’ll get a photo showcasing a popular character from the series. It all seems so mundane when I explain it like that, but this is one of the weirder secrets from the original, and long-time fans like me are delighted that this silly Easter egg is back in Resident Evil 2 remake.

So, let’s back up. Along with this photo Easter egg, you can also unlock a playable challenge mode starring Tofu — a walking block of Tofu. Unlocking Tofu requires you to complete ‘The Fourth Survivor’, in which you play as the final surviving member of the Umbrella team featured in the main story. As Hunk, you must fight through (almost) the entire game, with a limited inventory of items to protect you. It’s really, really hard. Getting to the end means you’ll get to play as Tofu. Honestly, that’s a much more fun Easter egg, but this is secret enough that we wanted to share it with you here.

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How To Find The ‘Rising Rookie’ Easter Egg | Secrets Guide


The ‘Rising Rookie‘ film roll is a secret Easter egg item you can find in the Police Station. To get it, travel to the [2F STARS Office] and interact with Wesker’s desk. Stand near the chair — Wesker’s desk is in the small inner office. When you’re behind the desk, press [Interact] until you collect the film roll.

Process the film roll in the [1F Dark Room] to see the contents — it’s Rebecca Chambers, the youngest member of STARS and a trained medic. This is the only place you’ll see her in RE2. She appears in that other remake of Resident Evil 1, and is a playable character in Resident Evil 0. So, what’s so special about this random photo?

This is an Easter egg that appeared in the original version of RE2. In the remake, nothing happens when you interact with the desk (or any object) normally. In the original version, it would say that “nothing is there” — or something to that affect. Well, to get the original version of this Easter egg, you’d have to interact with Wesker’s desk 50 times. That’s right. 50 times, and you’d finally find the film roll.

Ridiculously, the original version also featured a strange picture where the head didn’t really match the body. In the new, remade version, at least it looks like Rebecca hasn’t been photoshopped.