Quantic Dreams Will Develop For All Platforms Thanks To NetEase

Quantic Dreams, you are likely aware of the name especially if you owned a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4. This development studio has brought out a number of cinematic focused video game titles which put players in control of a game that felt more like a movie experience. In the past, we’ve seen titles such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and the latest release, Detroit: Become Human become big hits from this studio. One of the similarities that these three titles had is their exclusivity to the Sony platform umbrella.

The development studio may be independent but the video games crafted up the team has mainly stuck with Sony’s line of consoles. That, however, has ended with the announcement of NetEase offering a stake to the company. It’s enough to become a mutually beneficial relationship as Quantic Dreams can remain independent while NetEase can further expand itself within the video game industry. However, the biggest notable change gamers will see from this deal is that Quantic Dreams will be able to develop for multiple platforms.

While you won’t see the last few video game titles from the studio make its way to Xbox One, the future will see IPs release on all platforms according to David Cage, a cofounder to the development studio. Speaking with GamesBeat, David Cage stated that this investment from NetEase would allow the development studio to branch out across all platforms and ultimately expand their audience.

If you haven’t jumped onto Sony’s platforms in the past but wanted to enjoy the deep narrative journeys that Quantic Dreams is known for delivering then you’ll soon get the opportunity though there has been no word yet on what exactly is coming out from the studio next.


[Source: Venture Beat]