Fallout 76: Complete Guides & Video Coverage Breakdown

Fallout 76, the latest installment to the post-nuclear war video game franchise, is now out. Players around the world are joining together as survivors from Vault 76 which are tasked with rebuilding the new world. But beware, there are hostilities that lurk the world, not to mention other player factions who will seek out resources by any means necessary. If you’re just starting out in the game or if you’re just looking for some tips on how to progress further, then check out some of our guide and walkthrough coverage down below.

Locations Guides

Where To Find All The Vaults | Vault 63, 94, & 96 Locations Guide

All Unique Armor Set Locations | Legendary Gear Guide

All Unique Weapons Locations | Legendary Gear Guide

How To Get The Nuka Cola Power Armor | Unique Skin Location

How To Find Every Cryptid Monster | Wendigo, Mothman, Flatwoods & More

Power Armor Frames, Core Farming & Unique Set Locations Guide

How To Find A Hazmat Suit For Perfect Radiation Protection | Location Guide

Weapons Guides

How To Unlock Weapon Mods | Gun Customization Guide

How To Join The Enclave & Get The Laser Minigun | Faction Guide

All Unique Weapons Locations | Legendary Gear Guide

How To Get The Alien Blaster | Easter Egg Location Guide

How To Get The Dragon Four-Barreled Rifle | New Weapon Guide

Destroy High-Level Enemies With This Powerful Unique Gun | Rose’s Syringer Location Guide

Where To Find The Perfect Storm SMG | Unique Weapon Guide

Nuke Everything With The CAMP Artillery Schematic | Best Weapons Guide

Exploits, Cheats & Tips

How To Gain Levels Fast | Easy XP Farming Method

How To Get The Power Armor Crafting Station | Armor Guide

How To Join Every Faction In The Appalachians | Raiders, Enclave, Brotherhood & More

Save Ammo With These Melee Build Tips | Best Builds Guide

How To Launch Nukes | Nuclear Silo Launch Codes Guide

How To Dupe Loot, Earn Schwag Easily & Undilute Aid Items | Cheat Guide

10 Things You Should Do First | Beginner’s Guide

How To Never Run Out of Healing | Aid Items Tips & Tricks

How To PVP Without Becoming Wanted | Bonus PVP Modes Guide

Video Coverage