Fallout 7: How To Find Every Cryptid Monster | Wendigo, Mothman, Flatwoods & More

There are cryptids crawling out of every corner in the Appalachian wastelands of Fallout 76. Unique critters that are specific to the area, like the Grafton Creature, the Flatwoods Monster, the Mothman and more litter the backwoods, and finding these totally unique monstrosities can be quite a surprise. Some of these beasts are incredibly rare, but there are places (and quests) you can take to encounter them.

There are five cryptids, and each one is based off local lore or legend on the East Coast. They aren’t specifically West Virginia monsters, but a few of them are — and you can encounter them in the areas they’re named after. Some of these creatures are incredibly bizarre. The Flatwoods Monster doesn’t even look like a monster at all, it’s more like a strange alien ghost. Then there’s the terrifying Mothman. If you stumble onto this thing, you’ll probably have nightmares.

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How To Find Every Cryptid Monster | Wendigo, Mothman, Flatwoods & More

Cryptids are unique, one-of-a-kind monsters that are especially difficult to find. Follow the instructions to encounter these fierce monstrosities for yourself.


Flatwoods Monster

  • Always Spawns At: Abbie’s Bunker – Locate any Free States bunker to find a map showing all the other bunkers in the area. Abbie’s Bunker is located in the northeast, east of the Red Rocket Mega Shop.
  • Random Encounter: Flatwoods, Relay Tower DP-B5-21

Grafton Monster

  • Always Spawns At: Grafton – If you encounter the special Grafton event.
  • Random Encounter: Grafton, The Mire, Toxic Valley, Hemlock Holes, Charleston, Sutton, Toxic Dried Lakebed


  • Always Spawns At: Landview Lighthouse – Located in the Forest region, complete the event at the lighthouse and a Wise Mothman will always appear outside.
  • Random Encounter: Anywhere. Extremely rare.


  • Always Spawns At: Nuclear Weapon Strike Zones – Large groups of Snallygasters will appear anywhere a nuke is launched in the wasteland.
  • Random Encounter: Knife’s Edge, Savage Divide, The Mire


  • Always Spawns At: Wendigo Cave – Found in the Savage Divide, south of Atlas Observatory, in a small cave near the Sludge Hole and the Seneca Gang Camp.
  • Random Encounter: Garrahan Estate, Hawke’s Refuge, Watoga Emergency Center, Cranberry Bog, Ash Heap, The Mire, Fort Defiance, Eastern Regional Penitentiary, Whitespring Resort Golf Club